To the editor -- I know this letter will stir some outrage from some people, but I'd like to address the abortion issue without the emotions clouding the debate.

The Texas law outlaws abortions after a heartbeat is detected at six weeks.

A recent article in the paper stated that due to advances in science, electrical pulses can be detected very early.

These are not heartbeats.

At eight weeks, a fetus is only a little over half an inch long. This is not a baby, any more than an acorn is an oak tree.

If left to grow, it could become a baby eventually.

Some people believe that we're made in the image of an invisible, unprovable god, and therefore have an invisible, unprovable soul (whatever that is). And so they want to impose their beliefs on other women, to force them to bear children whether they want to or not, or whether they can afford them or not.

These are some of the same people who say that they should have the right to decide whether to wear a mask or to vaccinate.