To the editor -- Ron Anderson recently wrote that he was tired of being criticized and has been standing by his oath. It sounds like he needs to actually read the documents he swore an oath to. Our county commission is not an arm of the state, as the handbook states that every new county commissioner is given, aka “How to be a County Commissioner for Dummies.”

LaDon Linde seems to have followed suit. He has stated that he ran for the appointment because he was concerned about government’s response to COVID. So far, he has demonstrated an inability to fight for the citizens of Yakima County. Good intentions do not always equal good results.

Amanda McKinney has proven to be the only commissioner fighting for our individual rights, as guaranteed to us in those documents they all swore an oath to. Since day one, she has thought outside the box to find solutions to the problems caused by Gov. Inslee’s never-ending reign of tyranny under the guise of an “emergency.”

Now is the time for courageous leadership, and Autumn Torres is just the right person! She is a freedom-loving American and a fighter, and I have the utmost confidence in her ability to serve.