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When I became Yakima County commissioner in 2020, my priority was to defend the businesses, schools and churches of Yakima County from government overreach in the wake of the COVID pandemic. My stance has not changed.

While Gov. Jay Inslee has repeatedly said how important it is for Washingtonians to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 disease, his unilateral vaccine mandates, which many view as a violation of fundamental freedoms, are shifting many of the people we represent from vaccine hesitancy to vac…

To the editor -- Your Sept. 17 editorial from the St. Louis Post Dispatch is disgusting and borders on treason. When the military circumvents the authority of the president of the United State…

To the editor -- Congrats to Tri-Cities for attracting 1,500 new jobs to be created by Amazon's construction of two new warehouses. This while the city of Yakima continues to languish under no…

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George W. Bush’s best moments as president came nine days after his worst, nine days to wade through the horror and toxic disbelief, nine days to sort out the origins, meaning and terrifying implications of a nearly unimaginable morning that went into history as its own numerical shorthand, 9/11.

Whether you are religious believer or an atheist, it’s galling to realize that some people are feigning religious objections to COVID-19 vaccines to avoid compliance with mandates. And since the law requires that religious beliefs be “sincere,” it’s tempting to argue for strict policing of the legitimacy of requested objections.

It was after dark at the border, and a U.S. Border Patrol agent used his body to shield a migrant father and child in his custody from Anthony Agüero, a Jan. 6 Capitol rioter who was trying to film them to spread QAnon-style propaganda about child sex trafficking at the border.

As the risk of severe climate change rises, and efforts to reduce carbon emissions ramp up, serious thought must also be given to the movement of people that climate change stands to provoke. This migration looks to be disruptive, but it may also significantly affect the long-term economic consequences of climate change — and not necessarily for the worse.

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In the Aug. 22 editorial “Construction ahead: WSDOT’s budget is wearing thin,” WSDOT shared concerns about stretched budgets for state road and bridge funding. As a local elected official, with almost 20 years of experience, I have seen firsthand, “Band-Aid” approaches to highway maintenance…

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I was concerned to see several significant errors in Linda Iasella’s Aug. 28 “Saturday Soapbox” article, titled “Homelessness or Hope? What’ll it be, Yakima?” Chief among my concerns was the unequivocally false statement that “Our county Human Services Department has decreased the funding fo…

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When I became Yakima County commissioner in 2020, my priority was to defend the businesses, schools and churches of Yakima County from government overreach in the wake of the COVID pandemic. My stance has not changed.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit our communities hard. When cases started appearing in Washington last March, the labor movement mobilized, fighting for workplace safety protections, personal protective equipment and hazard pay for essential workers. In labor, we talk a lot about the union differen…

Every legislative session in Olympia, there are several highly publicized and controversial bills that become law. But there also are consequential bills that advance through the Legislature and receive the governor’s signature without much news or attention during their journey.

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The second impeachment trial of Donald Trump was a remarkable civics lesson on constitutional issues of free speech. The meaning of the words “fight“ and “fight like hell” were debated at length. It is certainly true that these words are routinely used in political speech and are not, in the…

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Just eight years ago, Washington state led the nation in working to improve access to justice for the average American by creating a new category of licensed legal professionals — the limited licensed legal technician. LLLTs were modeled after similar successful human resource additions in t…

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