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SAN DIEGO — After all these years, I still love her. Even if I haven’t told her in a while. She’s hurting right now, and she probably needs to hear it. I’m lucky. She’s the whole package. Her beauty, strength, wisdom and compassion are second to none. She’s got a good heart.

WASHINGTON — A nation’s gravest problems are those it cannot discuss because it dare not state them. This nation’s principal problem, which makes other serious problems intractable, is that much of today’s intelligentsia is not intelligent.

Imagine living in a home without a computer. Or access to broadband internet. Imagine your family’s only connection to the internet is a smartphone with a data plan that is prohibitively expensive. Now imagine your kids — both of them —need to get their education through that smartphone. But…

The high rate of COVID-19 infections among the Latino population in Yakima County didn’t take me by surprise. Knowing well that poor dissemination of news in Spanish still exists, it was just a matter of time before we would see the adverse effects on our community.

This is the time right now when young people from every grade level in our local schools would be going through all the rites of passage that are familiar to us in concluding the latest cycle of a school year. We all know June as the time when students are gathering in classrooms for those l…

With changes necessitated by the coronavirus, most of us have more free time. Yes, it’s isolating and costly. But perhaps the pandemic is offering a silver lining — time for unhurried reflection on what is truly important. And although the virus will be with us for months, perhaps years, let…

Billions are projected to suffer nearly unlivable heat by the year 2070, according to a recent article in the Yakima Herald-Republic. Each year the planet gets hotter. The oceans are rising, becoming more acidic and quickly becoming overfished. Weather patterns are rapidly changing and storm…

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