To the editor — For a town with one hospital and a massive low-income population facing housing instability, elected Yakima officials have been doing the bare minimum in the face of COVID-19.

To the editor — I am responding to the letter titled "Antlers are shed yearly; horns remain for life." I don't question the author's knowledge or that of her 7-year old child, but was there su…

To the editor — When I read of the local jailbreak, I got a couple of ideas. I could go on a major shoplifting spree and when I get caught, I will simply state that I did it out of fear of COV…

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CHICAGO — My children have known for years that, when I die, I want to be quickly cremated and split evenly among my loved ones. They know I'd prefer a film festival to a funeral, but fancy death plans give hope only to the dying, while funerals provide comfort and fellowship to those left behind.

The 2020 legislative session began in fairly normal fashion, perhaps with a bit more fiscal optimism than usual. By the time the 60-day session had come to a close last week, however, lawmakers were smack in the middle of the coronavirus crisis, faced with budget decisions directly related t…

We face the unprecedented and real specter of the extinction of several of our iconic Northwest native species: salmon, steelhead and orcas. The problem is multifaceted. It includes issues as varied as harvest regulations, abnormal predation, gill nets, climate change and dams. Human activit…

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