Take a look at a map of the U.S. overlaid with COVID-19 vaccine rates and a clear pattern emerges: The states with the smallest percentage of their eligible population inoculated also skew politically toward the Republican Party.

To the editor — Republicans don’t say “this is why this proposal doesn’t work,” with facts, arguments; instead they say, “this is a Democrat Socialist program.” Easy political slur. Social Sec…

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As a pandemic safety measure, the U.S. House of Representatives began in May 2020 to hold committee hearings remotely so that witnesses could testify from home rather than in a crowded hearing room. This allowed people of all backgrounds, not just those who already live near Washington or who are able to fly there on short notice, to have their say before Congress.

The 2020 election and subsequent insurrection were new additions to the long trend of political polarization in the United States. Many Americans do not relate to one another and vote to spite the other rather than advance one’s self-interest. This trend in society has led to political movements built solely on memes and archetypes of an enemy/other.

A House committee to investigate the events of Jan. 6 held its first hearing this week, aiming to unravel the details of the Capitol riot that left five dead. The riot was an attack on our democracy, a startling insurrection that many have called an act of domestic terrorism, including FBI Director Christopher A. Wray.

Country music fans gave us a hint of their politics recently, or seemed to, by sending Aaron Lewis’ “Am I the Only One” to the top of the charts. It’s a lament about cancel culture, “statues coming down,” flag-burning and Americans who are not willing to “take a bullet” for freedom. The lyrics lit up right-wing message boards with happiness. Lefties, on the other hand, got their knickers in a twist.

After nearly 40 years of working and living abroad and seeing the evils of socialism and communism firsthand, I am saddened and even embarrassed to hear one of our political leaders, U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., make a statement that Generation Y has “never seen prosperity.”

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As a Yakima-area health care professional, I’m concerned about low local vaccination rates and I’ve wondered what information I could provide to make people more comfortable receiving it. (In the interest of full disclosure, I have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19.) Of the 175,000 adults l…

Whatever one may think of Donald Trump or the circumstances of last year’s election or even the bitterness of this nation’s partisan divide, it ought to be easy to condemn the events of Jan. 6 and to support a broad inquiry into what happened and how to prevent it from happening again.

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