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At the U.N. General Assembly last week, President Joe Biden told the world again that America is back at the table. He championed global cooperation as the only way to address today’s global challenges, making clear that it not only benefits the international community but is essential for American interests and national security too. It was a direct repudiation of the nationalist “America First” approach taken by then-President Donald Trump at the same assembly four years ago.

It was the kind of news story that would have been utterly shocking ... before March of 2020, anyway. An everyday occasion normally associated with joy — a baby shower — pivots into a squabble over something trivial. In this particular saga, which took place last weekend in a Pittsburgh suburb, the argument was over who would transport the shower gifts. Somehow, this devolved in an altercation — but after some brief fisticuffs, the father-to-be abruptly whipped out a 9 mm handgun and sta…

On the surface this seems reasonable. If people like credible news, expert opinions and fun videos, these algorithms should identify such high-quality content. But the wisdom of the crowds makes a key assumption here: that recommending what is popular will help high-quality content “bubble up.”

In the late 1980s, my livelihood was forever changed after the spotted owl protection controversy. I was a logger by trade with ambitions of owning my own logging business. This issue put me out of business and in a very hard situation. I had no assistance, and I had to learn a new trade, su…

As the Republican leaders of the House Rural Development, Agriculture and Natural Resource Committee (RDAN), we are directly involved in addressing legislation related to agricultural production and lands, water rights and storage, forest practices, wildfires and much more. When the pandemic…

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In the Aug. 22 editorial “Construction ahead: WSDOT’s budget is wearing thin,” WSDOT shared concerns about stretched budgets for state road and bridge funding. As a local elected official, with almost 20 years of experience, I have seen firsthand, “Band-Aid” approaches to highway maintenance…

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I was concerned to see several significant errors in Linda Iasella’s Aug. 28 “Saturday Soapbox” article, titled “Homelessness or Hope? What’ll it be, Yakima?” Chief among my concerns was the unequivocally false statement that “Our county Human Services Department has decreased the funding fo…

You’ve likely seen the headlines about COVID-19 killing radio hosts and activists who opposed vaccines and masks. Several of those headlines were about Caleb Wallace, a Texan who helped organize a “freedom rally” this summer to protest mask-wearing. Some corners of the internet reacted with …

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President Joe Biden continues to live in an alternate universe in regard to the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. As someone put it on Twitter, his message is: “The mission was a complete success” and “it’s all my predecessor’s fault.”

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