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On Friday, the House Judiciary Committee recommended the impeachment of President Donald Trump in a party-line vote, sending two counts — one of abuse of power and one of obstruction of Congress — to the full House for consideration.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Democrats are trying to remove President Donald Trump from office “prayerfully,” “sadly” and “with a heavy heart.” In fact, as anyone who has been watching knows, many Democrats have been itching to impeach Trump since the day he took office.

If 80 percent of life is just showing up, as the witty aphorism goes, then students in the Grandview School District are well on their way to academic success. Attendance, after all, matters. You can’t learn if you aren’t there. It’s really that simple.

People make field trips to Washington, D.C., all the time, especially in the spring when the cherry blossoms are blooming. Not only is the journey steeped in history, but it’s important to see where our elected representatives do their jobs — or not do them, depending on one’s viewpoint.

Talk all you want about summer’s “official” start, with the solstice on June 21. But, get real, everyone knows that the real first day of summer for those who most cherish the season — kids — happens at the precise moment that final school bell tolls.

Your phone rings. It is startling. Who, like, makes phone calls anymore? Caller ID lists an “888” number. Could be a robocall wanting to sell you a timeshare. Could be a scammer out to steal your personal information and clean out your bank account. Could be, even, a legitimate call.

No one ever said progress would be painless. Major civic improvements, especially complicated infrastructure projects fraught with competing concerns and the specter of displacement and eminent domain, call for heightened sensitivity toward stakeholders but also cognizance of the greater goo…

On this, the 75th anniversary of D-Day, you might presume that everyone knows the story, if not specific details, about the seminal military operation that turned the tide of World War II and helped to usher in decades of relative peace and prosperity.

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