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Donald Trump is the first American president to threaten not to abide by the results of an election. That’s what he did on Wednesday, when he declined to say whether he would commit to the peaceful transition of power no matter the outcome at the ballot, and what he did in 2016, during a deb…

Lindsey Graham may be the most misunderstood figure in Donald Trump’s Washington. For the #Resistance, the Republican senator from South Carolina is the lickspittle who abandoned his principles for access to a dangerous populist. For the populists, Graham is an interloper, worming his way in…

With the presidential campaign heading into the home stretch, President Donald Trump will surely try to tout his record on economic issues. But the numbers don't speak well of his policies. Unfortunately, the approach of his rival, Joe Biden, threatens to make some of the same mistakes.

‘I fear three newspapers more than 100,000 bayonets,” Napoleon once said, and today you’ve got President Donald Trump with reason to fear Atlantic magazine, 1,331 daily newspapers, 1,761 TV stations, 15,530 radio stations, 1.73 billion daily users of Facebook and 149 million daily users of T…

SAN DIEGO — Even in a presidential election year, not everything is about politics. In fact, the things that have the greatest impact on our lives — for better or worse — have nothing to do with red states or blue states.

If you believe the message from the Kremlin, Russia currently has no plans to send police or military forces into neighboring Belarus. But it has sent in some reinforcements — to the news media, as part of a strategy that should stand as a warning to democracies around the world.

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SAN DIEGO — This Labor Day, I find myself working through a few thoughts about labor and employment. I’m particularly curious about how these concepts were changed by the damnable year of 2020.

SAN DIEGO — Freddie Prinze Sr. said it best. The Puerto Rican/German comedian got his big break in 1974 when he was cast as Francisco “Chico” Rodriguez in the NBC series “Chico and The Man” alongside Jack Albertson, who played Ed Brown, the owner of a run-down garage in East Los Angeles. Pri…

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Last Saturday, in the clubhouse of his golf club in Bedminster, N.J., President Donald Trump sat at a small table and signed four orders that he said would "take care of pretty much this entire situation" -- his euphemism for the coronavirus recession that has thrown millions of Americans ou…

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