To the editor —I’ve interacted with both Sasha Bentley and Chris Corry, the two candidates for Position One in the Washington State 14th Legislative District, and they both seem like nice people.

But one candidate, Sasha Bentley, is more informed about the issues that affect us locally. For two years, she’s been out knocking on doors and showing up at local events. She’s listened to a lot of people.

She knows the state legislature needs to fix an unfair funding formula it imposed on our schools. She understands skyrocketing housing costs are making it almost impossible for hard-working individuals to afford to rent or buy a home, a situation that makes it difficult for businesses and schools to recruit employees. She realizes that tariffs are creating difficulties for our farmers.

Bentley is determined to tackle these problems.

On the other hand, Chris Corry doesn’t even list these issues on his website. He doesn’t suggest a single solution. Instead, he’s written a bunch of slogans. He might be well-meaning, but slogans aren’t going to get the job done.

Let’s vote for a candidate who goes out and listens to folks and who understands our challenges. Let’s vote for Sasha Bentley.


White Salmon

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