Linda Ann North

In loving memory of Linda Ann North - 1948 – 2020 – We bid a loving farewell to our friend. Linda was the daughter of John and Evelyn North of Medford, Oregon. Linda soon became the oldest sibling of two younger brothers, John and Jim North. Linda spent her childhood in Medford, Oregon going to school and working at the family restaurant – North’s Chuckwagon. In her younger days, Linda was an accomplished rock climber and wilderness hiker. Linda was so interested in learning that by the time she finished college, she graduated with degrees in economics, physics and teaching. While attending college she met and married a man who was working for the family business, they had one daughter – Heather Ann North. Linda used her teaching degree to get her first teaching job at Granger, WA. Linda was the art teacher, volleyball coach, annual and Indian club advisor. Linda and her best friend/daughter Heather travelled to many countries around the world, Europe, Australia and Africa. Linda met and married Ed Spaulding of 2BarA Ranch in Outlook, WA. Linda planted Asian pears and ran a cattle ranch for many years. Linda was selected for Washington Ag/Forestry program and made lifelong friends during the two-year leadership training course. Linda and Ed took many fishing adventures, which led them to purchase a fishing cabin on the Rogue River in the community of Agness, OR. This fishing cabin became a get a way for Ed and Linda during Ed’s long health decline to his death.

Linda continued to run and operate the ranch for many years and led many youth hunting adventures on her property. Soon after acquiring a hummer Linda became president of the National Hummer Club and led many off road adventures with other hummer owners all over the country and into Alaska. Linda’s interest in fishing also took her on several adventures in Alaska. Linda’s love of Alaska, fishing and family compelled her to purchase a fishing lodge. Linda, her daughter Heather, son in law Justin and grandkids Sam and Sierra ran the Deshka Landing Lodge near the town of Willow, AK. The family ran the lodge for a decade during the busy summer tourist seasons. Linda started the retirement process selling the ranch and the fishing lodge over the 2014-2016 years. Linda built a new home in Alaska in 2017. Linda’s retirement allowed her to fish all over the world, red fishing in Louisiana, bone fishing in the Bahamas and fished in Argentina and Patagonia. Linda’s other great love was good music. She would find Blues music events in the areas where she went fishing; including the Blues Cruise led by her favorite musician fondly referred to as Joe Bones.

Linda meant so much to people that I am including a few quotes from friends to this obituary. “I can remember our first meeting in Alaska, I wondered what this tough-looking broad was all about. It didn’t take long to see she was into life, lots of laughing and having a damn good time in all conditions…She always got the best out of me, tough, realistic and to the point.” “Meeting Linda for the first time was akin to watching a human lightning bolt fracture the ground in front of your eyes, followed ever so quickly by her thunderous belly laugh.” “Fishing with Linda was never a silent affair. She was a conversationalist armed with colorful stories bubbling up from her many interests as a cattle rancher, jazz musician, orchardist, raptor rehabilitator, rangeland conservationist, orchid fancier, pie maker, long-range distance shooter, and world traveler.” “Soon her stories would switch to her interest in your life, and made you feel like you were interesting as well.” “A few of Linda’s life lessons that she was fond of expressing were: ‘attitude is everything!’ ‘if you rest you rust!’ and, ‘don’t let the bastards get you down!’” “Linda showed us all how to live well, celebrate life, dance in the rain, and fly kites in fierce climates. She was eclectic and full of life.” “We all miss her.”

Linda is survived by her beloved daughter Heather (North) Henneous, son in law Justin Henneous and cherished grandchildren, Samson and Sierra Henneous. Linda is survived by her two brothers, John and Jim North, their wives and many nieces and nephews. Linda is also survived by her huge community of friends who were saddened by her sudden death. Linda will be missed by many and remembered forever for her outlook on life, energy, generosity, sense of humor, sense of adventure, ability to tell a story, her laugh, and her 5 star cooking abilities. Rest in peace dear friend.

There is no memorial planned at this time.

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Gerry Bingham

I was shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the death of my cousin, Linda. Because of distance, our times together were few and far between but infrequent as they were, they were filled with unforgettable laughter and storytelling. I will never forget Linda and her darling dimples. We dearly loved her. Peace to you dear cousin, and God speed on your final adventure.

Gerry Bingham


Abraham Schilperoort

I consider myself lucky to have known Linda. It has been a several years since I've seen her, but that grin in this picture is unforgettable. I will always remember the anticipation of making it to your house counting the cattle grids along the way. Sending prayers to Heather and her family, take care.

Lisa Delp

so glad to have called her friend! Linda was a great role model on how to live life to the fullest. Rest in Peace dear friend