Larry Clark

Following a long, valiant battle with cancer, on July 3, 2017 Larry Clark passed from his life in Richland, Washington to his heavenly home. In the last weeks of his life he wrote the following:

“I Coach, Larry D. Clark, was born in Fairfax, Oklahoma on January 1, 1942. I can’t cover all of my life, but would like to tell you about some of the significant events and special people that made my 75 years on earth an interesting way to borrow my body.

“I am survived by my faithful wife and companion of 54 years, Pamela Clark. We brought two sons into the world, Jeffrey Scott Clark and Jay Richard Clark. Jeffrey is joined by his wife Leah and three daughters, Madison, McKayla and Maudie. Jay is joined by his wife Jenni, two daughters, Jordyn and Jayda, and my only grandson, Jaxon Larry Otto Clark. I am also survived by my younger brother Keith and his wife Sharon.

“I grew up in Toppenish, Washington where I graduated from Toppenish High School. That’s right, I was a Wildcat!”

Larry furthered his education by attending EWU in Cheney, WA. After receiving his degree he began a teaching career that included 1 year at Connell High School, 31 years at Davis High School in Yakima, WA as an English teacher and basketball coach, seven years at LaSalle in Yakima, and seven more years at New Horizons High School in Pasco, WA. “I ended up settling on a 46-year teaching career, and I have lived a happily employed life.” Larry also continued his education at Central Washington University earning his Master’s Degree in English.

On July 3, 2017, “I Larry D. Clark left this earth to be with my Lord and Heavenly Father and begin the next part of my journey. Before I begin my heavenly tour and get my job description up here, I am going to go to my family reunion which will include my father Richard Clark, my mother Edith Clark, my brother Gary Clark and my little sister Betty Clark Jacobs.”

Larry is survived not only by his immediate family but also two nephews, seven nieces, their families, and a host of friends. A memorial service to celebrate Larry’s life will be held on Sunday, July 9 at 2:00 pm at Hillspring Church located at 1153 Gage Blvd. in Richland, WA with a reception following at the home of Chris and Paige Morris.

A special thanks from Larry’s family to Paige, Debra and their staff at Fleur de’ Lis Adult Family Homes for the help, support and loving care provided to Larry.

(5) entries

Falinda Foster

I can't believe it's been 30 years since I temdtly took my seat in Mr. clark's English class. He's eyes seemed to sparkle and smile to match. This relieved most of my hesitation of being in his class .
I remember after class one day he gave me some personal advise which i have carried with me over the years.
Always be kind even if it's in a smile for you never know how you may effect another person. These are not the words he spoke to me however, his kindness was in the words he spoke. Which I am forever grateful and sadden that I missed my opportunity here to express that to him. F. Foster

Eden Ackerson

Thinking of all of you today.
I love you.

SanDee Taylor

Mr. Clark you were one of my favorite teachers and remained a friend over all the years. You touched so man you lived for the better. I am sure you are already with your family in heaven and I thank you for being a part of my life. RIP 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Teresa Lafferty

Mr. Clark, you were such a great speech teacher! I was terrified and timid in your class, from the first day you handed out our speech evaluation checklists - there were something like 50 things to critique, and it was on LEGAL paper! I was so scared and shy, and I guess that list made me afraid of you. But it wasn't a reflection of you, it was a reflection of me! Still afraid of the world in some ways, I am! But I still remember two of the many signs that framed the top of the wall in speech class: One said, "Life in perspective: a drop of rain killed an ant today!", and the other said, "The ultimate in writing simplicity: Jesus wept." I should have recognized you as a man of faith, and I did wonder if you were! You gave me the only A+ I ever earned, but I truly didn't deserve it! I earned it by extra credit...I was so scared I would not earn a good grade in the class! And the thought of retaking the class terrified me! I was petrified every single time I stood at that podium. Out of the goodness in your heart, you gave me that grade, when I was just hoping for a C or C plus. I was very proud of that grade, because I felt like giving a speech was only slightly less excruciating than being tortured in the public square. I guess the mercy you gave me was a measure of your heart. A mercy I needed, but never was brave enough to ask for. So many kids around me said you were their favorite teacher, and I always thought I wished I could have had you for more than that class. But speech was the only class I ever had with you. I always wanted to be a writer some day. I am not one, but still am so grateful to all of my English teachers. Ironically, even though I hated speech class, I went on to overcome my fear of public speaking (church brought that change in me), but I never got over asking authority figures for the forgiveness and help I need. I guess if there is one take away God wanted me to have out of your class, it is that things are not always as bad as I perceive them: there is mercy and grace available from unsuspected sources, including in most people. I see clearly Mr. Clark that this is the lesson you modeled for me! Thank you very much, Mr. Clark! I am sorry I was so timid in school. My prayers will be with your family and friends! Heaven is a great place to be! I have caught glimpses of it here and there since my dad died, as he has come to help me through the struggles of life. I know you will be a helper now to your family, like my dad is! And that you will always be with them. This is the Hope of the Cross, and its glorious Reality! Enjoy heaven, Mr. Clark! I hope to see you there Some Day soon! Blessings, Teresz

Danielle Lambert

Me.Clark you had such a wonderful impact on so many lives. You made teaching fun and being a student exciting. Thank you for leaving us with so many fond memories. You are missed. I celebrate your life and your transition into the lioving arms of your Savior!