Jerry Trudeau was born April 2, 1949. The past six months he has battled infections and passed on July 21, 2019. His wife Debera Trudeau was born April 9, 1951. Suffering from congestive heart failure, and a broken heart, she passed on July 30, 2019.

Jerry has left behind two siblings, Margaret Smith and Francis Trudeau. Jerry and Debbie left behind two sons and their daughter Tamara Rohrbach and son-in-law Brett Rohrbach. Jerry and Debbie had three wonderful grandchildren, Zachary Rohrbach, J.J. Trudeau and Zander Rohrbach.

Jerry and Debbie will be missed greatly. They were caring, loving, and the sweetest people you would ever meet. They carry the title “Grandparents of a Lifetime.” In loving memory of two great people.