Gary Hall

On Sunday April 25th, 2021, surrounded by love, Gary Lee Hall passed away at the age of 68.

Gary was a man filled with kindness, generosity, and a great love for his friends and family. Those who knew Gary will not soon forget his relentless humor and easy going nature. You could always rely on Gary telling a clever joke or a quippy remark for anyone. Gary had a zest for life that he shared with his wife, family, and close friends.

He was an avid golfer who loved early morning rounds and competing with his wife Chris for dimes. He loved spending later summers in Spokane mountain biking, golfing endlessly, and cycling the Trail of the Coeur d’Alene. Gary loved cycling the Yakima Valley with close friends and family. Gary loved craft beer, cooking delicious meals, playing his guitar and singing with his wife Chris. His impact and memory will be felt by each person who called Gary a friend, teacher, brother, father, and husband.

Gary is survived by his wife Chris; children Lucas, Annie, Sara, and Jessica; sisters Nancy and Sharon; and grandchildren Wyatt, Grace, Georgia, and Sidda. Gary, may the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be at your back, may the sun shine upon your face, may the rains fall soft upon your fields, until we meet again, happy trails.