A shootout between at least two people at the intersection of West Nob Hill Boulevard and South Sixth Avenue caused a wreck and rattled an otherwise quiet neighborhood Friday morning.

A man was standing outside the Smoke City store on the corner when shots were fired at him from a car heading south on South Sixth Avenue about 11:15 a.m., said police at the scene.

The man fired back, and the car struck another vehicle traveling west on West Nob Hill Boulevard, police said.

One bullet pierced the store window at Smoke City.

Store owner Chassan Abdeirhman said he was talking to his son when gunfire erupted and a bullet zoomed through the window and past him.

“Almost shot me — I swear,” he said outside the store as police investigated.

Just a few doors down from Smoke City on South Sixth Avenue, John Trudeau was on the phone when he heard shots.

“I told him to get off the phone call 911,” said his wife, Rose.

The Trudeaus said they saw the man run past their home firing shots.

“I wish they would have caught the little creep,” John Trudeau said.

Rose Trudeau said the neighborhood is friendly and quiet.

“We’ve lived here 52 years and hadn’t had hardly any problems,” she said.

Luz Gutierrez, owner of La Milpa market across from Smoke City, said she heard the wreck and called police.

“That’s what we heard — we heard the wreck,” she said. “I came to the door and saw the wreck.”

She said both vehicles involved quickly left.

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