FILE — Carlos Flores, left, and Karla Flores, right, head back to their vehicle after giving a worker a bag containing water, snacks, a mask and information about worker and immigration rights on Friday, May 1, 2020 in Yakima, Wash.

For the second consecutive year, a radio program highlighting the rights of immigrants will take the place of the annual immigration march typically held May 1 in Yakima.

The march advocates for immigrant rights. The agriculture industry accounts for a huge portion of the Yakima Valley’s economy and immigrants make up the largest segment of that workforce.

This year the march has been canceled again due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead, a 3 p.m. radio program called Our Voices in March will air Saturday on Spanish Radio KDNA, 91.9 FM.

The program is being organized by the Yakima Coalition for Immigration Reform.

“KDNA is the farmworker voice and it’s important to provide this airtime for the Yakima Coalition for Immigration Reform,” said News Director Francisco Rios. “Farmworkers, we need security in immigration issues.”

Listeners will be given a chance to ask questions and voice their concerns during an open mic period, organizers said.

Two organizations — United Farm Workers and United Families for Justice — will be featured during the three-hour program.

Attorneys from the Northwest Immigration Project and Columbia Legal Services also will participate, said organizer Gustavo Rubin.

Many workers were confused about their rights during strikes last year, Rubin said, and it’s important for them to become informed about unions representing them and their rights as immigrant workers.

“Too many people didn’t know which way to go,” he said. “That’s why we try to bring the understanding about these two unions.”

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