TOPPENISH, Wash. -- Tonight the City Council will decide whether to allow up to $500,000 be spent on contracts and leases related to losses the city incurred when its public works building was destroyed by fire last month.

According to tonight's City Council meeting agenda, council members will consider two measures related to the Aug. 23 fire: One authorizing up to $500,000 related to losses from the fire and another allowing the city manager to execute contracts and leases totaling $500,000.

Details regarding the leases and contracts as well as possible impacts to the city budget were not included in the meeting agenda.

City Manager Lance Hoyt couldn't be reached immediately for comment.

Firefighters said the blaze began when an employee was cleaning a paint gun and something ignited the paint.

The 113-year-old building that was used for a workshop, storage area and break room was quickly engulfed in flames.

Officials estimate the damage will exceed $1 million, which includes the loss of six city-owned trucks and two employee vehicles.