Yakima math instructor publishes another book of punny wordplay

Yakima Valley College math instructor Ben Mayo

The Yakima professor who enjoys playing with words when he’s not teaching college math has published his ninth volume of fun puns.

Ben Mayo will sign copies of the latest in his pun book series, “What’s The Difference Between...”, from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday at Encore Books, 415 Walnut St. in Yakima. For information about the event, call the bookstore at 509-457-4660.

Mayo has also created a board game based on his puns. His ideas for puns come from words or expressions he comes across in everyday conversation. He has taught at the college for more than 30 years and has also written two math textbooks he uses in class.

He has published his books of about 100 word-play puns every several months. Here are some excerpts from the ninth volume.

What’s the difference between having no interest or enthusiasm and a pitiful program that runs on a mobile device?

One is apathetic and the other is a pathetic app.

What’s the difference between changing the location of a large rock and making a gutsier play than your chess opponent?

One is to move a boulder and the other is a bolder move.

What’s the difference between a vessel overturning in the water and adjusting the band on a baseball player’s head covering?

One is to capsize and the other is to size a cap.