Here's a look at the failed health inspections from Yakima County for the months of January through September.  We'll update them as we get new results. 

Violations are classed as either critical or non-critical. Critical violations involve a high risk of foodborne illness.

Each violation carries a point value, with the most serious violations worth the most points. Any facility that gets 35 or more points of critical violations or 45 total points automatically fails the inspection.

Inspectors can also use their judgment, and if an inspector thinks a problem needs to be fixed, they'll order a correction and re-inspection regardless of point values. Inspector will also frequently fail a facility during a re-inspection if there's a repeat violation, regardless of the point values involved.

For more about what it takes to pass or fail an inspection, and a look at several years worth of inspection results, check out our database of inspection results and see how your favorite restaurant has scored.