Yakima County Commissioner Ron Anderson plans to run for reelection this year.

Anderson, who was elected to represent District 2 in 2016, said Monday he wants to continue the work he’s started and has the experience to do so with excellence.

“There are a lot of things in motion, and I want to continue working on behalf of the citizens and taxpayers of Yakima County,” he said.

Anderson serves on 18 committees, including the 2040 Facilities Advisory Committee, the Columbia River Basin policy advisory group, the South Central Workforce Consortium, and the Washington State Association of Counties board. He is running as a Republican.

He says his four years as a commissioner have prepared him for the work ahead, including continued work on the Yakima Basin integrated water management plan, combating homelessness, and improving safety during transports from the county jail.

Construction is slated to start later this year on the East-West Corridor, a complicated project many years in the making, he said.

“When I first ran for this position, I promised to do this full time, and I am doing it full time,” Anderson said. “I’m enjoying it, and I’d like to continue doing it. We’re looking at long-term goals and solutions.”

If reelected, Anderson said one of his focuses would be how to bring more jobs with good wages to the Yakima Valley. He also hopes to promote local businesses.

Anderson said he’s working to build stronger relationships with the Yakama Nation, which is part of his district. He’s particularly interested in working with county and tribal code enforcement officers to clean up abandoned or crime-ridden properties on deeded lands.

County commissioners also will have to decide how to proceed with concerns from OneAmerica that the county elections system disenfranchises Latino voters. The group said it’s prepared to sue over alleged Voting Rights Act violations.

Anderson said he wants to help ensure that Latino residents get information they need about county business.

“I grew up in the Lower Valley,” he said. “We’re taking steps to make sure we get information out to the Latino community and ensure they know what’s going on.”

Anderson said he is not aware of anyone else who has expressed interest in the District 2 position. He plans to run a full campaign regardless.

“I am going to get out and talk to people about the issues that they have,” he said. “There are a lot of things in the works and a lot of things that still need to be done.”

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