Schneider Springs Fire

Conditions similar to the results of a prescribed burn, where fire remains on the surface and does not kill trees, are seen last week at the Schneider Springs Fire in Yakima County.

The weekend rain brought some relief to firefighters battling the Schneider Springs Fire.

Rainfall over the fire ranged from one-tenth to one-half of an inch, according to a report from the Schneider Springs Fire command team. The west side of the fire received more rain than the east.

The rain subdued some of the fire activity, said Michele Laboda, a public information officer for the fire response team.

“While the rain can’t put the fire out, it makes work a lot easier for crews,” she said.

More than 500 people worked Sunday on the fire about 18 miles northwest of Naches. It is 31% contained.

Lightning sparked the fire Aug. 4. Since then, it has burned 104,853 acres, according to the command team.

Officials have lifted travel restrictions along Bumping River Road; however, drivers are still advised to use caution when traveling in the area, according to the command team.

The report also said patrols will continue near Cliffdell, Goose Prairie and Bumping Lake, with a focus on structure protection. No structures have been lost.

Residents near the Bumping River Road corridor and along the State Route 410 corridor from Salmon Cove to Pinecliff are still under a Level 2 “get set” evacuation notice, according to the command team. The area along State Route 410 from Pinecliff to the U.S. Route 12 junction and the area along Route 12 at Route 410 west to Tieton Reservoir Road are under a Level 1 “be aware” evacuation notice.

Officials estimate that the fire will not be fully contained until the end of October.

Yakima air quality has also improved significantly in recent days.


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