Running buddies

Ole Olsen of Naches and his dog Tipsoo on the Yakima Greenway on Saturday, Jan. 4, 2020.

Walk along the Yakima Greenway or Cowiche Canyon Trail, and you might run into an unusual pair: A tall man in sunglasses pushing a jogging stroller.

Get closer, and you might see a dog’s nose poking out the front of the stroller. Closer still and you’ll see the dog’s large head, his muzzle almost pure white. An old dog.

Ole Olsen of Naches said his dog, Tipsoo, a big golden retriever, has been his faithful friend for many years.

“We’ve been running this trail for 15 years,” Olsen said this weekend on the Greenway where it runs along Highway 12. “Tipsoo used to run for miles and miles, then back.”

But as the years went by, Tipsoo’s hips started to give out and the trip got shorter and shorter. A mile, a

quarter-mile, then nothing.

“So I bought this stroller,” Olsen said. “It felt kind of silly at first, but he really seems to like it. We go 3 miles and back now.”

Tipsoo lifted his head up and looked at Olsen lovingly with his rheumy eyes. It’s hard to tell which is more loyal to the other: the man, or his dog.