Fundraising to create “the coolest post office in America” is nearing its Kickstarter goal with less than two weeks left in the campaign.

By Monday evening, donors had pledged $40,532 of the $48,000 sought to replace the post office’s utilitarian facade with a mosaic of 41,500 hand-cut glass tiles.

The mosaic facade will resemble a giant historic postage stamp, and boosters see it as a draw for tourists and a tribute to small-town post offices across America.

It’s also designed to celebrate this agricultural community of 1,200, the fruit grown in the region and the area’s natural beauty, supporters say.

Ed Marquand, partner and founder of Mighty Tieton, an incubator for artisan and design-related light manufacturing businesses, knows from extensive experience how important small-town post offices are.

“To people who live in small towns, post offices are vital,” Marquand has said. “You’ve got to have a good post office.”

The Tieton Stamp Mosaic Project is part of the Tieton Mosaic Project, inspired by New York City’s historic subway signage. The public art project is overseen by Tieton Arts & Humanities, the nonprofit arm of Mighty Tieton.

Supporters have until 5:50 p.m. Aug. 3 to fund the campaign.