pit bull ban standing

TIETON, Wash. -- Pit bulls are again banned in Tieton.

City Council members unanimously approved an ordinance restoring the ban on the breed within the city limits. It will take effect by next week, said City Clerk/Treasurer Fred Muñoz.

The ordinance was presented to the council in a first reading on Monday, but council members chose to waive a second reading and approved it outright, Muñoz said.

Tieton had earlier banned pit bulls, but in 2013 the restrictions were lifted, said Police Chief Jeff Ketchum, who asked council members to put the ban back in place.

Ketchum said two attacks in recent months prompted him to ask the council to reinstate the ban.

After the ban was lifted, people wanting to have a pit bull within Tieton had to keep the dog in a five-sided enclosure secured to a concrete base, and post signs to warn people that a dog was on the premises.

In one incident that led to the police chief seek reinstatement of the ban, a woman’s dog was attacked by a pit bull and she was hurt when she tried to separate the dogs, Ketchum said. In another case, a dog was attacked by a pit bull.

Ketchum said he only knows of two pit bulls currently within the city and those dogs would be allowed to remain under the new ban.

Yakima, which currently bans pit bulls, is considering a comprehensive “dangerous dog” ordinance, after hearing pleas to lift the ban, which has been in place since 1987.