A 17-year-old was injured in what’s thought to be a gang-motivated shooting at 16th Avenue and Fruitvale Boulevard in Yakima on Monday, police said.

The teen was a passenger in a black sedan driven by his mother when a green car pulled up next to it and someone started shooting about 12:25 p.m. Monday, said Yakima police Capt. Jay Seely. The teen was hit at least three times.

He was taken to Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital, then transferred to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition, he said.

His mother was not hit, though the shooter fired at least 10 times into the vehicle. Bullets passed through the car and ended up near a taco stand where people were eating and in a tire business parking lot.

“By the grace of God she was not struck, and it looked like their intent was to shoot the passenger, the 17-year-old child,” Seely said. “No one else was hit, thank the Lord.”

The other vehicle fled westbound

on Fruitvale, running a red light.

Police are pulling security camera

footage from other businesses and hope to soon release a more detailed description.

The teen is a known gang associate, and the shooting is thought to be gang-motivated, Seely said.

This is the fourth drive-by shooting in Yakima in the past two weeks.