GRANGER — Granger is known for giant replicas of ancient dinosaurs lurking throughout the city limits. On Saturday, the city will construct its 36th dinosaur and needs the community’s help.

The city’s annual Dino-N-A-Day will take place from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday at the Hisey Dinosaur Park at 505 Main St.

City Clerk-Treasurer Alice Koerner said the annual Dino-N-A-Day is a family-friendly event that attracts repeat city critter constructors as well as families from the west side of the mountains.

“If you want to take your kids somewhere they can actually make one of these dinosaurs, this is the day,” Koerner said. “We have people who come back every single year.”

Everyone who shows up will be able don city-provided work gloves and then help layer concrete onto a frame of steel and chicken wire. The piece will become a dinosaur called a Sauropelta.

Sauropelta — pronounced SAWR-o-pel-tuh — were medium-sized dinosaurs that lived during the Cretaceous period. They look like giant armored lizards, with vicious-looking spikes lining their sides and sprouting out of their shoulders and heads.

They measured 17 feet long including their tails, which took up about half their length, and weighed in at about 3,300 pounds, due to their extensive covering of bony armor.

Granger’s Sauropelta will be about 25 feet long and 6 feet high.


Koerner, who has worked for the city for almost 30 years and saw the first dinosaur constructed, said that each annual event usually draws about 30 to 60 people at any given time. Public works department staff will help shape the dinosaur and add detailed features as the cement sets.

City Public Works Director Jodie Luke has a bag of toy dinosaurs that he and the department use for inspiration for the sculptures, Koerner said.

She added that lots of people and organizations have donated money for the dinosaurs’ construction over the years. The city also uses funds from the festival fund.

“In my 30 years with the city, there’s been a dinosaur almost every year,” Koerner said. “And they’ve only gotten better.”

Those who attend the event also will have a chance to cool off at the city’s splash park or munch on hot dogs, pop and chips.

For more information, call the city of Granger at 509-854-1725 during business hours, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.


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