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Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma is making $240,000 in scholarship funds available for Yakima area students.

PLU is expanding its Act Six scholarship program into the Yakima Valley, according to a news release. Act Six is a leadership and scholarship program that connects local community affiliates with faith- and social justice-based colleges run by Tacoma-based nonprofit Degrees of Change.

PLU President Allan Belton, a first-generation college graduate from Yakima, said he was excited about the expansion of the full-tuition program. 

“As someone who grew up in the Yakima Valley, I know firsthand that (this) community is full of young people who are passionate about learning, justice and equity, and who are eager to make a positive difference,” he said in a statement.

Scholars will receive leadership training, academic preparation, and mentorship, and will participate in community service projects in the area.

To learn more about the PLU Act Six program and to apply, visit

Yakima students who meet the basic requirements may also be considered for the 253 PLU Bound Scholarship, which covers tuition for a student’s four years. Learn more at

Students can apply for free, and the deadline is Dec. 1


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