Japanese beetles devouring roses in Grandview.

Japanese beetles officially have made a return in Grandview.

Japanese beetle larvae were found in boxed garden beds by a Grandview resident who was weeding on Monday. Staff with Washington State Department of Agriculture retrieved the specimen that afternoon, and confirmed it was Japanese beetle larvae, according to a news release.

The beetles threaten agriculture and can eat more than 300 types of plants, including grapes and hops.

After they were first spotted in 2020 in Grandview, officials have been working to eradicate them. Last year, the WSDA trapped more than 24,000 beetles in the Grandview area. This year, 2,229 traps have already been set up to capture beetles.

The state reviewed response plans with residents earlier this year. The agency is treating around 2,000 acres in Grandview and surrounding areas of Yakima and Benton counties with the insecticide Acelepryn G, seeking permission from private landowners.

Officials ask people leave soil, potted plants and garden waste in the treatment area in place. Larvae are often found in the soil around host plants. People traveling in and out of the treatment area should check their vehicles and machines for Japanese beetles.

Larvae are C-shaped and white. Adult beetles are green, orange and M&M-sized.

Report Japanese beetles by taking a picture and noting the location. Email PestProgram@agr.wa.gov, call 1-800-443-6684 or use the WSDA’s online reporting form.

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