Rocio Carrion accused Kenton Gartrell of putting his arms around her, flipping her off and publicly pointing out her DACA status at a local bar on election night.

She also accused the Yakima City Council candidate of knocking her phone out of her hands while she was recording his alleged misbehavior. She posted an edited version of her video on social media.

But Carrion, 33, refused to provide a full version of the video when repeatedly asked by police, according to Yakima police reports. Carrion is identified as Maria D. Carrion Estrada in the police reports.

Several attempts to reach Carrion failed Monday. Her voicemail was full.

Gartrell, 28, is seeking the District 1 seat on the council. Carrion is campaigning for Gartrell’s opponent in the November election, Eliana Macias.

Carrion and Gartrell provide different accounts of what happened Aug. 6 at Brews and Cues after the primary election. Each side accuses the other side of taunts and harassment.

The officer who responded to the incident at the bar said Carrion showed him the full video, the report said.

The video began inside the bar, showing a woman leading Gartrell away from Carrion, according police.

Gartrell continued to walk away and left the bar. Carrion followed him outside, where she began asking him why he flipped her off and was disrespecting her, police said.

Gartrell turned around after she got close to him and knocked the phone out of her hands.

The police officer said Carrion suffered no injuries and there was no evidence of a crime.

Only a brief clip of the video showing Gartrell turning around and knocking the phone out of Carrion’s hands was shared on social media.

Days after the incident, the police officer asked Carrion four times for the full video. She first sent him the edited version shared on social media, saying “this is it” in a text message, police reports said.

Carrion’s last reply to the officer read: “This is what I have. I am being compliant. Can I please be left alone now? I’ve been going through a lot.”

Gartrell on Monday said Carrion’s group targeted him “because of the color of my skin.” He said he was sticking to his initial statement, that he left the bar and she followed him in a provoking manner.

“I chose to walk away,” he said. “The other woman that was with me kept telling me, ‘hey keep on walking.’ My better judgment was to go away and she would not let me go away.”

Gartrell said the incident was an attack on his campaign.

“She does work for my opponent’s campaign along with several other people that were sitting at her table,” Gartrell said. “She wanted to attack me on a smear campaign.”

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