Astria Health, including several affiliated companies, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on May 6May 6.

Creditors had plenty of questions during a meeting with Astria Health executives Thursday. Weren’t able to attend? Here were a few questions that were answered during the meeting.

Astria Health owes me money; what should I do?

When a business files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the court essentially forces creditors to stop collection.

Instead vendors who are owed money must file a claim. Non-government creditors have until Aug. 5 to file. Government creditors have 180 days from the filing day on May 6. Claim forms can be found at Astria Health bankruptcy website at http://www.kccllc.net/astriahealth. Once there, select “Claim Form” from the menu on the far left of the website.

Is there anyone to represent my financial interest?

A creditor can consult an attorney regarding his or her individual situation. The Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors has been formed to represent unsecured creditors. Jane Pearson of Polsinelli in Seattle and Andrew H. Sherman of Sills Cummis & Gross in Newark, N.J., represent the committee.

Which case number should I use when filing my claim?

The U.S. Bankruptcy Court is jointly administering the Astria Health case, along with 12 other cases for Astria Health business entities. Astria Health attorney Sam Alberts said during a creditors meeting Thursday that claims should be filed under the individual case, depending on the entity that owes the money.

For example, a creditor might need to use the case number for SHC Medical Center—Toppenish, the operating entity for Astria Toppenish Hospital or SHC Medical Center—Yakima, the operating entity for Astria Regional Medical Center.

During the creditor’s meeting Thursday, Astria Health attorney Thomas Buford said he has and will continue to accept questions from creditors. Buford is an attorney at Bush Kornfeld LLC in Seattle. The law firm’s phone number is 206-292-2110.

Creditors can also send a question at http://www.kccllc.net/astriahealth/inquiry.

Here are the business entities that filed for bankruptcy and case numbers:

• Astria Health, 19-01189-FLK11

• SHC Medical Center- Toppenish, 19-01190-FLK11

• Sunnyside Community Hospital Association, 19-01191-FLK11

• SHC Medical Center, 19-01192-FLK11

• Glacier Canyon LLC, 19-01193-FLK11

• Kitchen and Bath Furnishings LLC, 19-01194-FLK11

• Oxbow Summit LLC , 19-01195-FLK11

• SHC Holdco LLC, 19-01196-FLK11

• Sunnyside Community Hospital Home Medical Supply, 19-01197-FLK 11

• Sunnyside Home Health, 19-01198-FLK11

• Sunnyside Professional Services LLC, 19-01199-FLK11

• Yakima HMA Home Health LLC, 19-01200-FLK11

• Yakima Home Care Holdings LLC, 19-01201-FLK11

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