A dazzling array of Christmas lights centered around a detailed manger scene greets drivers as they approach the Aeroview loop west of Yakima.

Local attorney Jim Tree and his wife, Sharon, along with some help from workers on their farm, spent a couple of months setting up the lights on more than 2 acres around their house for the 25th straight year. Jim said he’s seen some other impressive displays while driving around town and his family is grateful to everyone who’s stopped by to enjoy their lights.

He said the display is a way to spread Christmas spirit and honor his late parents and their passion for Christmas. The displays are set up at 681 Aeroview in West Valley.

“Symbolically it’s a gesture that these lights represent Christ and the light of the world and love and those things that should bring us together,” he said.

Everyone needs to stay physically distanced this year, so the Trees won’t be providing their typical hot chocolate and hay rides or inviting high school choir students to sing like they did in 2019. But the loop still offers plenty of room to pull over and visitors are encouraged to get out of their cars for a better view.

The Trees don’t know exactly how many lights are used to brighten the hundreds of trees and bushes, as well as traditional Christmas messages, a toy train and much more. But others do keep count. Drew Barber on Perry Street is working toward 400,000 lights and several other homes get well into the thousands.

Driving around the Yakima Valley at night makes it clear why many local stores sold out of Christmas lights in early December this year. Many homes also rely on inflatables with familiar characters like Santa Claus and reindeer, along with others including the Grinch on 32nd Avenue in Yakima and “The Mandalorian’s” Baby Yoda on Anchor Loop in Selah.

Here’s a list of homes submitted by Yakima Herald-Republic readers, and their comments. Find more photos and an interactive map online at www.yakimaherald.com/christmaslights.


1308 and 1309 S. 11th Ave.: Lights, lights everywhere.

1517 S. 12th Ave.: 11-foot Santa and snowman, dancing light showers.

1105 S. 32nd Ave.: Grinch in Bobcat machinery, blowups and 22,000 lights.

909 and 911 S. 41st Ave.: Leg lamp in window, Santa in sleigh, lights everywhere, complete with star above. These two homes light up the block.

316 N. 42nd Ave.: Corner of joy for all.

218 N. 63rd Ave.: A little of everything.

421 S. 67th Ave.: After two weeks of putting lights up, we’re finally done. Thousands of lights and many yard art displays. Drive by and enjoy.

202 N. 70th Ave.

2002 S. 72nd Ave.

2003 S. 73rd Ave.: Classic woodland Christmas theme.

2708 S. 74th Ave.: Several Santas, reindeer, trees, candy canes and more! Adding new things each year.

902 S. 76th Ave.

2205 S 88th Ave: The Apple Tree neighborhood has some nice lights this year. Add this area to your drive!

7301 Perry St.: Back yet again with another fabulous display. Brought our infamous shooting star back, lighted arch tunnel, everyone’s favorite 16-function controllers, and many more. Goal is 400k, still working on it. Come on by and look for yourself. Pictures do not do justice!

8902 Zero Road.

2303 Birchfield Road.

4206 W Lincoln Ave.: Come check out our ever-growing light collection. Most are hand-built and will be growing as the season continues!

4940 Pear Butte Drive: Very bright and can be seen for blocks! The whole house is covered including fencing and yard.

7610 W. Nob Hill Blvd. #71.

141 McAllister Drive: Frosty’s winter wonderland.

3409 Roosevelt Ave.

4603 Glenmoor Circle: Whimsical.

5103 Douglas Drive: A year of growth and a year of ongoing goals. 10,000 lights is the goal each year, and each year we get a string closer. This year’s grand total came in at right around 7,000. This is an ever-growing collection, with happiness inside. More added every day! Merry Christmas to all.

1717 Parsons Loop: Lights and inflatables.

5405 Glacier Way: Handmade life-sized Nativity with star and light rays.

110 Four Hills Drive: Over a dozen inflatables, and thousands of lights! With music, too!

7307 Whitman Ave.: Huge display of vintage and new Christmas. Display gets bigger every year.

1041 E. Selah Road.


8519 Beauchene Road.


108 E. Home Ave.: Lots of inflatables, house lights groove to music, lots of fun to see and hear!

303 Anchor Loop.

30 McGonagle Court: Candy cane lights and blue line across the carport to support the police and the American flag over it in honor of all those who protect us past, current and future.


110 Rocky Road: Lights and inflatable decorations.

108 Apple Loop: Traditional and festive.

Union Gap

1908 S. 17th St.: Over 1,000 lights illuminate a wonderland of more than 20 holiday inflatables and Nativity scene.

1809 McNair Ave.


21 Martin Lane: 26,000-plus lights in mostly blue and cool white.


404 SW Crescent Ave.: Just some holiday cheer for 2020.


112 Ann St.: Many vintage pieces as well as a few newer pieces.

1018th St.

506 Schooley Road: Yearly tradition.