Boise Cascade Mill Site

An aerial image from January 2018 of the old Boise Cascade mill site in Yakima.

The Yakima City Council has awarded Halme Construction Inc. a clean-up contract related to the redevelopment of the Boise Cascade Mill Site.

The mill site has been an economic development priority involving multiple agencies, including Yakima County and the Washington State Department of Transportation, for more than a decade.

Part of the project area includes a former landfill site, which the city of Yakima once used for solid waste disposal. The city received an $8.7 million grant from the state Department of Ecology to perform mandated environmental clean up of the site.

The city’s interim remediation action plan entails clean up of the new road corridor, prior to clean up of the 28-acre landfill.

The council voted 5-0 on Tuesday to award the bid for that piece of the cleanup to Halme Construction Inc, a Spokane-based company that had entered the lowest bid at around $13.1 million. Five other qualified firms also submitted bids.

“Halme had the lowest bid and was certified as an official bidder, so we are awarding the bid to Halme Construction,” Community Development Manager Joan Davenport told the council.

Construction is slated to start in November, with an anticipated completion date in July 2021.

The contract covers the excavation of municipal solid waste and wood waste, backfilling and remediation measures to protect groundwater, and other environmental measures for Bravo Company Boulevard, the East-West Corridor and I-82 ramps.

Yakima plans to use the Department of Ecology grant, $2.2 million from local funds and a match of $2.2 million from LIFT funds, to finance the project.