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FILE — A field of Goldstar in the Cowiche Canyon Uplands, with Cleman  Mountain in the background.

Cowiche Canyon Conservancy has announced that its capital campaign to protect the uplands area of the shrub-steppe habitat from development was a success.

The nonprofit raised more than $1.2 million to purchase and protect 245 acres of private land in the heart of the uplands.

Since opening the campaign in January, the conservancy has received hundreds of individual donations from long-standing supporters and first-time donors alike. A few large gifts in April and early May sealed the sale, which is expected to close in the fall.

“I’m thrilled and grateful to witness the community’s overwhelming support to protect this land,” said CCC’s executive director, Celisa Hopkins. “I am especially impressed with our community’s support over the last month, when so many individuals and businesses have been financially impacted by the pandemic.”

The land offers sweeping views of the Yakima Valley and miles of hiking and biking trails meandering through sagebrush, grasslands and flowering meadows. The purchase will preserve the existing trail network as well as the quality shrub-steppe habitat.

Those interested in more information about the property and the campaign are invited to contact CCC at 509-248-5065 or

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