Latest transfers recorded

Residentail transfers are in red, commercial in green. Hover or tap a property for details.



4040 Forsell Road sold by Heather and Jeff Berg to Andrew S. and Marisol Baranowski for $275,000.  


451 Gurley Road sold by Donita Jordan to Hannah J. Hull for $258,400.  


564 Chappel Lane sold by Paula Hemp to Ronnie and Amanda Kennard for $400,000.  

301 Olympic Ave. sold by Robert Todd and Christen M. Frederickson to Paul Steven Allison for $190,000.  


470 Sun Mountain Lane sold by Don and Kimberly Luster to Charles Barr for $315,000.  

16520 State Route 410 sold by Joyce L. Graff to Linda Jacobson for $240,000.  

6080 Old Naches Highway sold by Blair Family Holding Trust to Michael and Melissa Thomas for $335,000.  

2701 Nile Road sold by Stacy Eidsmoe to Trevor and Caitlen Pietsch for $285,000.  

6550 Tieton Road sold by Estate of Robert W. Cox to Rodney Cox for $60,000.  

27160 Highway 12 sold by Joanne; Jeanette Hanson; Joyce C. Orengo McFarlane to Kristyan and James Calhoun for $120,000.  

600 Lewis Road sold by Edith Lewis to Lewis Family Home LLC for $30,000.  


1630 N. Outlook Road sold by Nathan R. and Jacquelyn Murray to Lucas R. Pruneda for $235,000.  

4020 Hudson Road sold by Robert W. and Julie M. Eggebeen to Alan L. and Norma F. Van Beek for $140,000.  


2431 S. Wenas Road sold by Lou Ann Matches to Nicholas B. and Kayleigh M. Gustin for $370,000.  

681 Wenas View Drive sold by Brandon D. and Rachael L. Bohnhoff to Lyle P. and Melanie Prescott for $120,000.

55 Foster Land sold by Demetrio and Elia Cardenas to Melvin Jerome and Angelita Gray for $132,000.  

1609 Cedar Lane sold by Brandon N. and Christy M. McCay Lamb to Robert and Kristin Lindvall for $276,000.  

905 Fifth Ave. sold by Stephen R. and Tamra S. Douglass to Torson A. and Mykala R. Iverson for $303,000.  


2031 Green Valley Road sold by Raymond A. and Theresa Garcia to Eric and Salustia Campuzano for $10,000.  

1211 Snipes Pump Road sold by Jose Manuel and Juana Lopez Sandoval to Bertha Montes Bravo for $127,000.  

1737 Liberty Lane sold by AHO Construction I Inc. to Matthew J. and Leah R. Eddie for $194,085.  

1732 Liberty Lane sold by AHO Construction I Inc. to Mark Edward and Chantel Gardner for $263,185.  

1009 Thornton Road sold by Clair W. Johnson to Raymundo Romero Jr. for $285,000.  

565 Franklin Court sold by JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to David R. and Amber L. Humpherys for $193,200.  


1403 Ashbrook Way sold by Vernon E. and John W. Brand to Kathlyn J. Treat for $125,000.  

2701 Naches-Tieton Road sold by Robert L. and Sandra June Adams to Kevin and Marcie Ross for $187,000.  


660 Ward Road sold by Linda Winterholler to Sutton May for $170,000.  

7521 S. Wapato Road sold by Estate of Henry O. Clements to Guillermo Loza for $140,000.  

506 N. Chestnut St. sold by Bank of America to Lilia Murillo Ruiz for $45,000.


710 N. 72nd Ave. Ave sold by Ryan and Shannon Landvoy to Wade A. and Katherine I. Warner for $540,750.  

2708 Birchfield Road sold by Juan Rodriguez to Francisco R. and Evodia Pulido Montes De Oca for $200,000.  

10330 Mieras Road sold by Robert P. Smith to Michael and Kimberly Elliott for $45,000.  

1821 S. 68th Ave. sold by Barbara J. Faulkner to Donald E. and Dixie L. Tucker for $150,900.  

8905 Occidental Road Unit 102 A sold by Apple Tree Construction LLC to Phyllis Jacobsen for $289,000.  

806 S. Ninth St. sold by Manuel and Maria Verduzco to St. Juan Diego LLC for $0.  

1504 S. 14th St. sold by Estate of Ernesto Delagarza to Armando Vargas Lopez for $55,000.  

11408 Wide Hollow Road sold by Northern California Investments LP to Joshua Steven Lange for $200,000.

17240 Tieton Drive sold by Anne J. Stultz to Logan G. and Michelle A. Stultz for $140,000.  

506 S. 123rd Ave. sold by Jay R. and Amy Lynn Seely to The Opal N. Powell Family Trust for $575,000.  

702 S. 96th Ave. sold by Margaret V. Rennie to Kris Ludington for $260,000.  

3204 Sharon Way sold by Ian Thomas Cain to Tanya Lynn Knickerbocker for $220,000.  

1510 S. 74th Ave. sold by Nicholas S. Voelker to Mark and Betty Stanford for $217,500.  

7210 Ahtanum Road sold by James A. and Ruth A. Wilson to Stephen G. Thornton for $121,000.  

7902 Fremont Way sold by Nicholas B. and Kayleigh Gustin to Wesley T. and Vanessa Garoutte for $398,000.  

234 S. Clark Heights Road sold by James T. and Naomi Wenzel to Edward James and Jill Kristen Bilsky for $530,100.  

210 S. 18th Ave. sold by Trevor and Caitlen Pietsch to Boorman Sonrise Properties LLC for $215,000.  

6 N. 90th Ave. sold by Anthony A and Amy E. Akin to Brook Rosborough and Jeffrey Tho Barnes for $220,000.  

1507 S. Sixth Ave. sold by Rocky L. and Kally A. and Spencer L. Marquis to Santos N. Sedano for $159,000.  

9210 Coolidge Road sold by Apple Tree Construction LLC to Ruth Chi for $702,808.  

1409 S. 29th Ave.  sold by Frank C. and Pamela K. Hottell to Randall and Donna Bronkhorst for $201,500.  

207 S. Seventh St. sold by Chuck and Terryl Goeckler to Maria C. Roman for $52,000.  

209 S. Seventh St. sold by Felix D. and Juana D. Nunez Leija to David and Suzette Leija for $140,000.  

614 S. 67th Ave. sold by MTC Financial Inc. DBA Trustee Corps to Bank of America for $92,400.  

606 S. 17th Ave. sold by Justin W. and Kimberlyn Detrick Wallace to Kenneth C. and Jennifer D. Siefring for $154,500.  

2203 S. 78th Ave. sold by Gerhauser Family Trust to Gregory V. and Marla L. Huff for $355,000.  

1123 Saint John’s St., sold by Quality Loan Service Corp. Of Washington to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC for $79,300.  

1615 S. Ninth Ave. sold by US Bank Trust to Maria D. Villa Farias for $86,000.  

601 Ferncrest Drive sold by James Rand and Kristin Lee Baillie Elliot to James and Naomi Wenzel for $295,000.  

209 N. 38th Ave. sold by James and Gloria Urness to Connie Smith for $165,000.  

2806 Summitview Ave. sold by Amanda Cherie Lemon to Livier Gonzalez for $47,000.  

3203 W. Chestnut Ave. sold by Estate of Genevieve MacDonald to Dorian C. Kensok for $188,500.  

2902 W. Logan Ave. sold by Andrew P.  and Savannah K. Edgerly to Shonna Stroud for $205,000.  

4201 Storm Ave. sold by Shane G. and Kathaleen Briggs Early to Russell Albert Twilley, III and Gail Louise Twilley Revocable Trust for $225,500.  

1802 Fremont Drive sold by Steven R. and Wendee L. Peterson to Calvin Dee and Nicole S. Boothe for $235,500.  

720 S. Seventh St. sold by Rocky Sierra to Erick Rodriguez for $67,000.  

300 N. Saint Hilaire Road sold by Brad D. and Karen L. Coughenour to Joseph and Shannon Boitano for $249,900.  

12310 Cottonwood Canyon Road sold by US Bank Trust as Trustee for LSF9 Master Partic to Timothy J. and Gretchen S. Hall for $83,000.  

14721 Fisk Road sold by Linda J. Jacobsen to Jordan D. and Lauren Cambra for $410,000.  

7509 Plateau Place sold by Todd and Leeann Russell to Bradley and Sharon Titus for $65,000.  

200 S. 89th Ave.  sold by Kyle and Kate Womach to Delia P. Garns for $230,000.  

2402 Summitview Ave. sold by Justin and Amanda Shewey to Peter A. and Claire Brown for $195,000.  

281 Suntides Blvd. sold by Mike and Melissa Thomas to Gregory A. and Lori A. Scott for $221,900.  

1900 S. 45th Ave. sold by James A. Jr. and Maricella V. Benfiet to Ervin and Cathy Harris for $420,000.  

1550S. 69th Ave.  sold by Agner Family Trust Holding Trust to Rolando Tellez Silva for $199,000.  

3805 Meadow Lane sold by Ermila and Adan Sanchez to Eric G. Garcia for $265,000.  

3404 W. Logan Ave. sold by Marion and Rhonda Crow to Armando J. Rodriguez for $259,000.  

1418 S. 11th Ave. Ave sold by Jose L. Lopez Cosme to Starlet McIntyre for $100,000.  

227 Ridgeway Drive sold by Richard T. and Britt E. Abhold to Anastacio Hernandez for $190,000.  

215 S. 74th Ave. sold by Rodney D. Pauley to Jonathan S. and Angelica S. Mackenzie for $185,000.  

908 S. 31st Ave. sold by Alison K. and Karl E. Gebhardt Guernsey to Matthew Loeser for $268,000.  

1317 S. 20th Ave.  sold by Steven J. and Rachael M. Stilley to Shawn N. and Amber Spry for $133,000.  

910 Rose Place sold by William G. and Helen McSharry Taylor to Maria Minu Macias Sanchez for $130,000.  

2111 S. 78th Ave. sold by Columbia Ridge Homes LLC to Kyle J. and Kate N. Womach for $334,000.  

1515 S. 10th Ave. sold by Shannon and Clinton Watson to Lilian Bravo for $122,500.  

14701 Palm Court sold by Jerry T. Dicus to Natalie Stacks for $170,000.  

12201 Wide Hollow Road sold by Alfredo and Molly Munoz to Todd Krienke for $255,000.  

8404 Summitview sold by Erin C. Effler to Frederick L. Jr. and Debra S. Hahn for $295,000.  

110 N. 89th Ave. sold by Cameron M. and Kristen J. Haubrich to Simina Crina Petrovan for $204,500.  

8806 Alpine Court sold by Delia P. Garns to Jeremy S. and Barbra J. Slowe for $295,000.  

313 Park Ave sold by Deborah Madariaga to Viviano and Tracy Ramirez for $135,000.  

5412 Morningside Drive sold by Jeffrey J. and Carol Sterbenz to Sunshine Talbot for $226,000.  

1708 S. Ninth Ave. sold by Aztec Foreclosure Corporation of WA to Wilson Real Estate X LLC for $50,500.  

307 Seasons Parkway sold by Baron Homes LLC to David P. Sr. and Nancy Berthon for $315,000.  


670 Buena Loop Road sold by Jose and Vitalina Arias to Aquileo Benitez Ocampo for $239,000.  

2261 N. Granger Road sold by Rosa R. Hanson to Efren Morfin for $365,000.  



600 Elm St. sold by Welch Foods Inc. to Eakin Properties LLC for $266,000.  


Cayuse Lane sold by Paul C. and Sharon L. Brunn to Michael Allen and Jennifer Lou Longton for $78,000.  


Franklin Court/South 16th Street sold by JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to David and Amber L. Humpherys for $193,200.  


501 E. I St. sold by William J. Lynch to Uziel Estrada for $35,000.  

1719 S. First St.  sold by Bar and Grill Leasing LLC to Bruce and Sylvia Kirkham for $710,000.  

1715 S. First St. sold by Bar and Grill Leasing LLC to Bruce and Sylvia Kirkham for $710,000.  

5607 Postma Road sold by Paul C. and Sharon L. Brunn and Acme Auto Wrecking Inc. to Ricky Allen Longton for $325,000.  

504 N. First St. sold by Sa Properties Company to Yans Food Inc. for $880,000.  

509 N. Front St. sold by Sa Properties Company to Yans Food Inc. for $880,000.  

501 N. Front St. sold by Sa Properties Company to Yans Food Inc. for $880,000.  

North Front Street sold by Sa Properties Company to Yans Food Inc. for $880,000.  

501 N. First St.  sold by Villa North Properties LLC to Ismael Tellez for $415,000.  

105 E. E St. sold by Villa North Properties LLC to Ismael Tellez for $415,000.  

906 S. 42nd Ave. sold by Jeffrey P; Paula A; Paul R; Shirley A Burlingame to Gary W and Jeanette K Adkins for $265,000.  

4903 Summitview sold by Jeff Burlingame and Paula; Rob and Kristi Lawrence-Ber to Gary W and Jeanette K Adkins for $335,000.  

206 W. Mead Ave. sold by Robert H. and Shirley M. Bartsch to Juan B. Moreno for $172,500. Lower Ahtanum Road/26 sold by Ahtanum Seven LLC to Inline Steel Fabricators Inc. for $615,000.