Latest transfers recorded

Residentail transfers are in red, commercial in green. Hover or tap a property for details.



81.95 acres Tear Road/North Forsell Road sold by Richard Nading to Fryslan Ranches Enterprises LLC $1,024,375.


70.89 acres Island Road/McDonald Road sold by Justin Waddington to MRC Farms LLC, $567,120.


39.37 acres 1130 Green Valley Road sold by Michael Shuttleworth to Double P Dairy LLC, $460,000.


47 acres Krough Road sold by John Ely to Riverview Farms LLC, $425,000.



Cowiche City Road sold by County Fire Protection District No. 1 to B&B Investments LLC, $73,000.


East Stover Road/Highway I-82 sold by Bernard Haak to Andres Lopez, $35,000.


316 S. Eighth St., sold by Nuestra Casa to Jose Mendoza, $60,000.

East Edison Avenue/Valley Highway sold by Thomas Juris to Beverly Juris, $17,700.


104 Division Avenue sold by Jane Walton to Growers Supply Company Inc., $150,000.


South 16th Avenue/Ahtanum Road sold by SKM Paxton LLC to Faustitas Properties LLC, $960,000.

1508 W. Washington Ave. sold by Michael Walker to The Yak LLC, $1,100,000.


2401 S. 26th Ave. sold by Jim Richmond to Wilson Commercial Properties 2 LLC, $3,150,000.

1415 Lakeside Court sold by McEwen Lakeside LLC to Northrock LLC, $2,925,000.

705 Hathaway Ave. sold by Nicole Rios to Claudia Ramirez, $89,500.

723 N. 16th Ave. sold by Herman Whittle Estate to Francisco Villalb, $87,000.

706 N. Fifth Ave. sold by Kevin Futrell to Jose Ramirez, $132,000.

1223 N. 22nd Ave. sold by Jerald Kilgrow to David Whiting, $353,000.

727 N. 20th Ave. sold by Dorothy Vineyard Estate to Dan Politte, $10,000.

3611 River Road sold by Henry Stamschror to Chesterly Building LLC, $433,333.

3611 River Road sold by Kirk Michels to Chesterly Building LLC, $433,333.

405 W. Yakima Ave. sold by David McCartney to Yah Property LLC, $575,000.

8 N. Eighth Ave. sold by Kenneth Whitmire Estate to Guild Holding 8 LLC, $255,000.

4 S. 10th Ave. sold by Goodman Living Trust to 4K Ventures LLC, $387,500.

1608 W. Nob Hill Blvd. sold by Richard Comstock to WA State Board for Community and Tech Colleges, $3,750,000.

25 N. Front St. sold by Nancy Rayner to John Shenberger, $530,000.

615 Keys Road sold by Richard Stevens to Badlands Investments LLC, $310,000.

1312 S. First St. sold by Hogback Flat White LLC to DVCH Investments LLC, $2,400,000.

1024 S. Second Ave. sold by JS Timm Enterprises I LLC to Real Estate Services LLC, $123,700.


723 First Ave. sold by Gary Christensen to PR Assets LLC, $260,000.



206 S. 50th Ave. sold by William G. Smith Estate to Steven Bennett, $278,900.

1214 Garfield Ave. sold by Janet Melhorn to Suzanna Valdez, $180,000.

1212 Garfield Ave. sold by Janet Melhorn to Suzanna Valdez, $180,000.

403 Lewis St. sold by Robert Sanchez to Raul Aguilar, $141,000.



Hatton Road sold by Blair Griffith to Larry Thomas, $45,000.


Locust Lane/Old Naches Highway sold by Michael Lopez to Ryan Maygra, $80,000.


Sunset Vista/Baker Road sold by Jason Wilson to Robert Burke, $51,000.

W. Sunset Vista Road sold by Jason Wilson to Jarrod Andreas, $57,000.

760 Freimuth Road sold by John Boyd to Jason Boyd, $70,806.

Boyd Road sold by John C. Boyd to John R. Boyd, $70,806.

W. Huntzinger Road/Sheep Company Road sold by The Schroeder Family Holding Trust to Michael Latimer, $95,000.


Lewendowski Road sold by Richard Anderson to Jeff Wiersma, $257,352.


655 Campbell Road sold by Billie Monhalland to Maricela Salazar, $40,000.


North of South Fork Road sold by Paul Bartels to Rose Harris, $9,500.

Cottonwood Canyon Road sold by Larry Leach to James Eakin, $5,000.

Summitview Extension/Mize Road sold by Rick Arnold to Jeremiah Stilley, $77,500.

Hailey Place/Rest Haven Road sold by Luis Rodriguez to Brian Griff, $102,000.

Logan Avenue/South 40th Avenue sold by Ted Marquis to TM Rentals, $37,100.

Pebbles Crest Lane/Youngs Grade sold by Rhodes Trust to Martin Drumm, $110,000.

321 Breaum Road sold by Carl Maxwell to Steven Maxwell, $72,000.

Mapleway Road/Galloway Road sold by Norman Naiden to Einar Agledal, $130,000.

351 Kristi Lane sold by John Canaday to Axis Investment Properties LLC, $3,750.

805 Perry Vista Lane sold by Elbee Orchards LLC to Ricardo Tamayo Jr., $90,000.

I-82/Inland Empire Highway sold by Donald Miller to Robert Berry, $175,000.



Jones Road/Lateral B sold by Kamiakin Wheeler to Firewater Ranches Partnership, $2,300,000.

Highway 12/ Valley Highway sold by Karl Staudinger to Valicoff Fruit Company Inc, $540,000.

1160 Lombard Loop Road sold by Maria Carrillo to Consolidated Fruit LLC, $320,662.



Raford Lane/Bumping Lake Road sold by Paul Cooper to Michael Fiscus, $127,000.

611 Jefferson Road sold by Federal National Mortgage Assoc. to Lisa Smith, $170,000.

61 Wapiti Run Lane sold by Daniel Eshleman to Robert Oliphant, $225,000.

18940 Highway 410 sold by Kent Jensen to Arthur Hunt, $40,000.



440 Buena Road sold by Mokulele Properties LLC to Jose Cervera Jr., $185,000.


361 Cowiche City Road sold by Wells Fargo Bank to Celerina Garcia, $60,000.

333 Track Road sold by Laurie Mosher to Jason Kaneta, $90,000.


503 Armas Court sold by Jesus Roman to Daniel Rodriguez, $178,000.

751 Walnut Lane sold by Chelsey Davis to Thomas Van Dyke, $125,500.

2013 Hill Drive sold by Diane Stenberg to Scott Ornate, $195,000.

310 Cedar St. sold by Miguel Barajas to Reyna Moreno, $83,000.

1012 Coach Court sold by St Juan Diego LLC to Adam Garcia, $151,000.

1451 Highland Road sold by Waine Baird Estate to Christi Doomink, $270,000.

430 Victoria Circle sold by Juan Rojas to Brittney Scherer, $167,500.

712 N. Willoughby Road sold by Casimiro Leon to Jose Arreguin, $73,000.


16430 Valley Highway sold by Maria Milam to Raul Segura, $139,300.

210 W. First St. sold by Puhchankoh Cruz to Antonio Magana, $42,000.

Highway 223/Main Street sold by Mark Harris to Dennis Harris, $110,000

455 Gurley Road sold by Bank of America to Carmelo Arrellano, $97,440.

Beam Road sold by Jack Miller to Juan Padilla, $117,000.


319 N. Third St. sold by James Adams to Rogelio Campos, $62,000.

2280 Snipes Pump Road sold by W. Eugene Lange to Jason Yanez, $163,000.


310 Moxee Ave. sold by Patty Taylor Estate to Lindsey Smith, $205,000.

106 Darland Ave. sold by Jason Uecker to Sarah Mullen, $259,000.

616 N. Iler St. sold by Chad Morehead to Amy Smart, $178,000.

105 N. Galena St. sold by Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Jamie Hawkins, $165,500.

60 Ladybug Lane sold by August Layton Jr. to Brian Aaron, $400,000.

209 S. Sterling St. sold by Paul Thompson to Stefanie Alvarado, $193,000.

13007 Postma Road sold by Maria De Jesus Rios to Brian Tee, $205,250.


101 Cherry Lane sold by Brad Wilson to Ross Huffman, $255,000.

110 Klockhamer Road sold by Lucila Lopez to Caroline Carrasco, $133,000.


1291 Audubon Road sold by Daniel Dorais to Lou Ann Matches, $300,000.

3370 N. Wenas Road sold by Nicholas Kilwien to Stephanie Romero, $272,000.

703 Collins Road sold by Robert Winterfeld to Matthew Winterfeld, $210,000.

101 Hickory Lane sold by Bank of America to Dean Owens, $142,000.

40 Ames Road sold by Lori Paterson Trust to William Wallace, $372,500.

600 Baker Road sold by Judith Strader-Enriquez to Samuel Knox, $328,000.

1702 W. Naches Ave. sold by Hud to Shaun Osmundson, $214,000.

1611 W. First Ave. sold by Aspen Tree LLC to Chad Morehead, $220,000.

752 Rinda Place sold by Wilma Dulin to Paul Orlando Jr., $340,000.

501 Sunrise Place sold by Daniel Dimarco to Ashley Stuker, $205,000.

612 N. 13th St. sold by Steven Oliver to William Jones, $220,000.

1003 W. Fremont Ave. sold by Darrell Baker to Brandin Partlow, $155,000.

1311 Heritage Hills Place sold by Greg Bemis to Jeremie Dufault, $430,000.

101 Highland Court sold by Wayne Norman to Jeremy Johnson, $249,000.

129 E. Bartlett Ave. sold by Andres Flores to Salvador Ramirez, $140,000.

1561 Nagler Road sold by Gary Ogburn to Michael Reimer, $285,000.

281 Game Ridge Road sold by Terry Biles to John Sheehan, $219,950.

661 Sole Road sold by Michael Reimer to Ashley Woods, $195,000.

2030 Selah Loop Road sold by US Bank to Michael Alliston, $129,900.


263 Albro Road sold by Juan Garcia to Rosendo Aparicio, $386,500.

816 Mayhew St. sold by Paul Ramon to Luis Vincenty, $190,000.

1613 Harvest Place sold by US Bank to W. Tadd Bowlsby, $158,000.

1209 South St. sold by Homestreet Bank to Fidel Gonzalez, $160,000.

1736 Liberty Lane sold by AHO Construction I Inc. to Ramiro Robledo, $214,760.


2211 Rosenkranz Road sold by Hortense Sommerville to Peggy Hiles, $132,000.


316 N. Alder St. sold by HUD to Adrian Almanza, $135,000.

537 Lillie Lane sold by Marjorie Curtis to Tony Vasquez, $142,000.

533 Lillie Lane sold by Patricia Zack to Cynthia Ramirez, $159,000.


208 W. Emma St. sold by Gale Barrett to Mitchell Mears, $30,000.

2800 S. Fifth St. sold by Carol Montgomery to Roberto Perez, $130,000.

2714 S. Fifth St. sold by Edward Day Jr. to Agustin Serrano, $130,000.

2115 Landon Ave. sold by Federal National Mortgage to Lizandro Gonzalez, $65,000.