Latest transfers recorded

Residentail transfers are in red, commercial in green. Hover or tap a property for details.

The following property transfers were recently processed by the Yakima County Assessor’s Office. Transfers are usually processed a month or two after ownership changes. The details listed below are exactly as received from Yakima County. For a map of recent transfers, visit

Order of information: Address, price, grantor (old owner), grantee (new owner), date processed.



740 Price Rd; $0; Friend, John P & Karen L; John Friend Farms Llc; 01/22/2021

931 Price Rd; $0; Friend, John P & Karen L; John Friend Farms Llc; 01/22/2021

281 Deer View Ln; $252,000; Nolan Gail Ann; Erin & Tawnya Nolan; 02/05/2021

14983 Cottonwood Canyon Rd; $115,000; Mcvey Doni; Blanca Lopez Silva, Ruben Herrera Torres; 02/05/2021

3003 Mountainview Ave; $0; Gress Properties; Gress Properties Llc; 02/09/2021

306 N 40Th St; $280,000; Kraft Construction Inc A Washington Corporation; Thomas Richard Bolt; 02/11/2021


Gap Rd; $0; Friend, John P & Karen L; John Friend Farms Llc; 01/22/2021


condo; $245,000; Catholic Charities Housing Services; Miguel Angel Figueroa; 02/05/2021


31 N Falen Rd; $105,000; Wilson Gracanna; Florentino Cervantes Naranjo, Martina Guerrero Gonzalez; 02/05/2021


1118 Fairbanks Ave; $45,100; Carter L Fjeld Successor Trustee; Jdanco Llc; 02/05/2021

624 Voltaire Ave; $380,000; Snipes Daniel R; John & Bethany Zylstra; 02/05/2021

3806 Clinton Way; $155,000; Michael David Simpson Jr As Personal Representativ; Gary & Inge Cheledinas; 02/05/2021

1901 Loren Ave; $335,000; Dramer Wayner & Carla; Jonathan L & Laura A Spiry; 02/05/2021

4801 E Hillcrest Dr; $167,000; Brauer, Carl W; Gabriel Hall; 02/05/2021

1311 Rock Ave; $205,000; Palacios Margaret; Jesus Gutierrez; 02/05/2021

1121 S 7Th Ave; $166,000; Dominguez Rigoberto Z; Jesus Sanchez Venegas, Maria De La Luz Rodriguez Mendez; 02/08/2021

4204 Terrace Heights Dr; $294,000; Calderon Susana & Breeann; Kassandra M Martinez; 02/08/2021

7301 Ahtanum Rd; $210,000; Vetsch Jakob P & Brianne; Porfirio Peral Sanchez, Rosa Mendoza Contreras; 02/09/2021

225 S 66Th Ave; $311,000; Bautista Saucedo Sergio O; Taylor N Mathews; 02/09/2021

226 Chisholm Trail; $267,000; Orme Jane; Andrea Benitez, Gabino Castro Medina; 02/09/2021

804 N 6Th St; $145,000; Gress Properties Llc; Aurea Wendolyne Garcia Macedo; 02/09/2021

616 S 8Th St; $30,000; Norris James E; Carlos A & Francisca A Vargas; 02/09/2021

8306 Aspen Ave; $222,000; Wagner James A Kelsh & Myranda; Jarot A Gress; 02/10/2021

409 N 60Th Ave; $120,134; Rivard Taylor; Matthew Montez; 02/10/2021

6 S 36Th Ave; $345,000; Webster Phyllis N; Donald E & Annette J Baus; 02/10/2021

407 N 24Th Ave; $136,000; Bonnett Terence L; Logan Wilson, Yaritza Solis Gonzalez; 02/10/2021

2127 Marsh Rd; $163,900; Gefre Mark A & Carolyn S; Jennifer Stephas; 02/10/2021

404 N 74Th Ave; $277,000; Messick Cheryl L; Jason Robert & Christina Beck; 02/11/2021

416 S 36Th Ave; $235,000; Fitzgerald Allyn M; Arianna Christine Pedroza, Ilda Barbosa, Jorge Barbosa, Jorge Barbosa Jr; 02/11/2021

903 N 34Th Ave Unit 42; $31,000; Whitacre, Joyce A; Katherine Sue Huey; 02/11/2021


602 S Satus Ave; $220,000; Gonzalez Rosa M; Fabiola Guzman, Miguel Angel Guzman; 02/05/2021

608 S Wasco Ave; $48,500; Barger Veldon L; Maria Erica & Hector Adrian Altamirano; 02/08/2021

502 Mt Adams Dr; $210,000; Patricia A Soule Personal Representative Of The Es; Carlos Alberto Mora Rodriguez; 02/10/2021

113 W Elizabeth St; $125,000; Gonzalez Elvira Montano; Noe & Martha R Vergara; 02/11/2021


218 Mentzer Ave; $267,000; Santacruz Roque; Olga L Lazcano, Roman Lazcano Estrada; 02/05/2021


151 Bliss Rd; $0; Williams, Michael L & Gail; Alan Williams; 02/06/2021


1541 W Goodlander Rd; $461,000; Pettijohn Shawn; Shirley Calvert; 02/08/2021

1930 Pleasant Hill Rd; $195,000; Huey, K Sue; James R & Alberta Lynn Seamons; 02/08/2021

113 E Bartlett Ave; $110,000; Wiltse Dondi; Lee & Barbara Hutchins; 02/09/2021

51 Canyon Gate Ln; $650,000; Reep Nicolas & Lesley; Travis & Kameron Pendleton; 02/11/2021


14490 Hwy 410; $315,000; Peters, Donald Edward & Paige Victoria; Beverly R Moramarco; 02/09/2021


505 Nicka Rd; $370,000; Steen Roger K & Tamara J; Edith Angulo Medina, Feliciano Torres; 02/10/2021

Union Gap

3505 S 2Nd St; $200,000; Rosenkranz Curtis W; Ambrosio Sanchez Pelcastre, Maria Carmen Barajas; 02/11/2021


37590 Hwy 12; $489,321; Rimrock Lake Resort Llc; Frank & Katie Dearman; 02/09/2021; Restroom Building

63951 Hwy 97; $290,000; Market Best Service Inc An Oregon Corporation; Eduardo Ramirez Reyes, Emma Alarcon Flores; 02/09/2021; Roadside Market

6201 Summitview Ave; $4,000,000; Summitview Mob Llc; Berakah Llc; 02/10/2021; Medical Office

511 E Decatur Ave; $275,000; Castro Raul & Maria Isabel; Guadalupe & Rosario Gomez; 02/10/2021; Retail Store

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