Latest transfers recorded

Residentail transfers are in red, commercial in green. Hover or tap a property for details.

Property Transactions — March



521 St. Thomas St. sold by Bradley McCleery to Ryan Poage, $110,000.


911 Wasco Ave. sold by Wilmington Savings Fund to Wapato School District, $59,900.


10803 Gilbert Road sold by Karl Hale to Gilbert Orchards Inc., $150,000.

3603 Marks Road sold by Wesley Bradshaw to Seth Merritt, $479,000.

69 Hillstone Drive sold by Daniel Wenker to Joe Glover, $578,000.

14801 Summitview Extension sold by Richard Bruce to Steven Johnson, $735,000.

10709 Estes Road sold by Kutis Tamez to Visesio Mataia, $604,500.

14801 Douglas Road sold by Robert Suarez to Jayann Merkle, $242,000.

11603 Stump Road sold by David Spurlock to Jacob Williams, $320,000.

2506 Castlevale Road sold by HUD to Michael Webster, $108,200.

718 N. 28th Ave. sold by Luis Escamilla to Carlos Garcia Ortiz, $144,300.

4506 Carriage Hill Drive sold by Fannie Mae to Neil Jeffers, $295,000.

4408 Carriage Hill Drive sold by Holli Christensen to Arnold Raubolt, $315,000.

619 Estee Court sold by Roger Vandiver to Theodore Duce, $135,500.

1020 Prospect Way sold by Kevin Futrell to Carmen Hernandez, $335,052.

5807 Englewood Ave. sold by Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Christian Lakars, $275,000.

802 N. 53rd Ave. sold by Juergen Parpart to Jesus Orozco, $215,000.

8806 Scenic Drive sold by Michael Finney to Chris Taylor, $402,500.

8001 Viewcrest Place sold by Charles Cheek Trust to David Lance, $245,000.

6616 Appleview Road sold by Brooke Helms to Jamie Carbery, $225,000.

220 N. 65th Place sold by M. Rononna Cook to Donald Darnell, $241,585.

405 N. 80th Ave. sold by Donald Capps to Zachary Clark, $333,000.

220 Saddle Brook Court sold by Linda Laplante to Rachel Worley, $343,500.

7314 Avalanche Court sold by Clayton Oldham to John Slaughter, $293,000.

110 N. 78th Ave. sold by Sheila Vance to Sunnyslope Enterprises LLC, $250,000.

212 S. 68th Ave. sold by Yoshio Uchida Estate to Joshua Gonzalez, $160,000.

403 S. 68th Ave. sold by Michael Polo to Annie Beus, $240,000.

5506 W. Lincoln Ave. sold by Julie Wyles to Kathleen Bowditch, $224,000.

5101 Summitview Ave. Unit 2 sold by Michael Cunningham to Albert Lawrence, $370,000.

5112 W. Lincoln Ave. sold by John Greene to Charles Murphey, $455,000.

409 N. 60th Ave. sold by Patrick True to Laurel Jones, $199,785.

5705 Bitterroot Lane sold by Diane Strock to Shane Gallagher, $185,000.

4935 Apple Blossom Court sold by David Newman to Tom Matsen, $160,000.

121 N. 52nd Ave. sold by Jose Mendoza to Sean Wiek, $143,000.

216 N. 36th Ave. sold by James Kelsh to Caleb Gilson, $175,000.

3208 Jefferson Ave. sold by Virgil Clark to Nayalli Yanez, $155,000.

114 N. 32nd Ave. sold by Carolyn Redman to Tracie Gib, $200,000.

3404 Summitview Ave. sold by Elizabeth Meagher to Seth Parker, $166,000.

204 S. 39th Ave. sold by Brandon Cleary to Crystian Barrios, $226,650.

206 S. 34th Ave. sold by Benjamin Antonio to Sean Snell, $289,950.

518 N. 22nd Ave. sold by Rogelio Chavez to Irma Ojeda, $145,600.

417 N. 31st Ave. sold by Jace Picken to Benjamin Benske, $177,500.

105 N. 26th Ave. sold by Kathryn Lemmon to Lindsay Mack, $190,500.

2904 W. Yakima Ave. sold by James Hoyt to Lezley Anderson, $285,000.

211 S. 32nd Ave. sold by Julie Udell to Anthony Gaige, $235,000.

205 S. 25th Ave. sold by Thomas Frank to Ben Frank, $120,000.

2216 Summitview Ave. sold by Nathan Neale to Julie Udell, $157,000.

2209 Eleanor St. sold by PPW Rental Properties LLC to Christophr Kramer, $187,000.

409 S. 19th Ave. sold by Patrick Vincent to Carrie Webster, $144,000.

1209 Jefferson Ave. sold by Joshua Freuh to Ismael Duran, $101,000.

1310 Jefferson Ave. sold by Jose Sanchez to Perla Carrasco, $98,000.

410 S. 14th Ave. sold by Wallace Coffman to Dale Sisk, $119,000.

812 S. Seventh Ave. sold by Gienger Properties LLC to Eric Tejeda, $125,000.

805 W. Nob Hill Blvd. sold by James Garner to Miguel Hernandez, $45,000.

905 Pleasant Ave. sold by Juan Garcia to Lorraine Santana, $160,000.

1501 W. Viola Ave. sold by Martin Marmolejo to Luis Soto, $138,000.

1415 S. 16th Ave. sold by AGW Properties LLC to Vicente Tellez, $65,000.

702 S. 18th Ave. sold by Aubrey Andrus to Kathryn Lemmon, $232,000.

2104 Tieton Drive sold by Aztec Foreclosure Corp to John Probst, $138,700.

1008 S. 18th Ave. sold by Javier Alvarez to Judy Tallant, $166,500.

909 S. 17th Ave. sold by David Williams to Karl Delozier, $150,000.

708 S. 26th Ave. sold by Ali Ziad Awwad to Jose Sanchez, $150,000.

706 S. 24th Ave. sold by Timothy Pickett to Ruth Ann Allen, $194,717.

2507 W. Viola Ave. sold by Georgia Rutledge to Veronica Escalera, $160,000.

1401 S. 26th Ave. sold by Durward Hartoon Estate to Jose Mayorquin, $213,000.

1214 S. 20th Ave. sold by Ron Ransier to Timothy Peterson, $137,000.

4406 Viola Place sold by Seth Merrit to Bradley Coughenour, $393,000.

8604 Grove Ave. sold by Thomas Attaway to Travis Wells, $379,900.

9205 Wide Hollow Road sold by Travis Covington to Jerry Tenbusch Jr., $179,900.

7802 W Washington Ave. sold by Hayden Homes LLC to Jake Whiteside, $324,419.

7408 Spokane St. sold by Ryan McDaniel to Brandi Ulery, $241,000.

7204 Zier Road sold by Sherman Family Holding Trust to Todd Morris, $204,000.

7601 Crown Crest Ave. sold by Timothy Brown to Zachary Helms, $365,000.

2002 S. 76th Ave. sold by Justin Bos to Hugo Rojas, $278,000.

2210 S. 64th Ave. sold by Ryan Maygra to Kelly O’Dell, $97,200.

1512 S. 26th Ave sold by Richard Goode to Gladys Bolling, $158,860.

1506 S. 27th Ave. sold by Jarrod Yates to Marcella Evans, $158,000.

1604 S. 28th Ave. sold by Visesio Mataia to Chris Sills, $240,000.

1613 S. Fifth Ave. sold by HUD to Jose Zapien, $125,000.

1716 S. Ninth Ave. sold by Donnie Powell to Uziel Estrada, $50,000.

121 Chickadee Lane sold by Alfred H. Settlemyer Estate to Louis Fessler, $123,000.

5402 Blackstone Court sold by Hayden Homes LLC to Ronald Ribail, $364,023.

5600 Blackstone Court sold by Hayden Homes LLC to Sandra Ringer, $262,369.

5408 Boulder Way sold by Hayden Homes LLC to Heather Elmore, $263,088.

5402 Boulder Way sold by Hayden Homes LLC to Timothy Brown, $299,247.

812 Trout Lake Court sold by Kenneth Pollard to Rosie Drewniany, $285,000.

4403 Maple Ave. sold by David Kerns to Janet Kerns, $122,000.

5204 Mt. Aix Way sold by Mabel Eisenbeis to Ryan Bleek, $225,000.

5404 Mt. Clemens Way sold by Gladys Bolling to Alan Searl, $150,000.

714 N. 54th St. sold by Vanessa Krantz to Jason Palmer, $278,800.

604 N. Mt. Aix Way sold by Robert Thornton to Roberto Suarez, $225,000.

5512 Pear Butte Drive sold by Jackie Howell to Steven Oliver, $220,000.

307 N. 57th St. sold by Paul Orlando to Susan Montalvo, $216,900.

2380 Rest Haven Road sold by Berger Family Holding Trust to Larry Moser, $395,000.

404 S. Naches Ave. sold by Federico Pena to Antonio Infante, $95,000.

610 1/2 S. Seventh St. sold by Domingo Villegas to Ramon Ochoa, $24,500.

812 S. Fair Ave. sold by Concepcion Cardenas to Henry Carrillo, $125,000.

226 Ridgeway Drive sold by Gerald Pepper to Tenya Moravec, $159,900.

7802 Roza Hill Drive sold by John Heily Estate to Timothy Heily, $305,000.

215 Wendt Rd sold by Floyd Blinsky to Matthew Blinsky, $574,000.

1203 E. Mead Ave. sold by Leonard Heier Estate to Wilson Commercial Properties 2 LLC, $95,000.

1702 E. Viola Ave. sold by Miguel Silva to Jose Alvarez, $75,000.

1812 Boggess St. sold by David Hamilton to Zachary Merrifield, $135,000.

1015 S. Eighth St. sold by Armstrong Rentals LLC to Leonardo Sanchez, $57,500.

1318 Ledwich Ave. sold by Deutsche Bank to Jose Garcia, $107,799.

70 Kittitas Canyon Road sold by Donald Lenberg to Justin Lenberg, $177,000.

12 Crest Circle, Unit 12 sold by John Slaughter to Joann Jaramillo, $184,500.

5910 W. Lincoln Ave. No. 25 sold by Tirza Williams to Mary Ann Schrank, $218,500.

100 N. 56th Ave. No. 6 sold by Robin Klay to Edward Sullivan, $131,000.

5722 W. Walnut St. sold by Anne Lemcke to William Ball, $182,500.

21 Burning Tree Drive sold by Delores Sterns to Diane Strock, $210,000.

11408 Wide Hollow Road sold by Bank of America to Northern California Investments LP, $92,000.

224 Jessica Lane sold by Anthony Ramos to Brandon Dehnhoff, $218,000.

531 Old Naches Highway sold by Brandon Hiles to Sandra Belaire, $162,000.

806 S. 72nd Ave. sold by Peggy Siekawitch Estate to Cinder Fehrer-Demontinev, $197,500.

1810 S. 70th Ave. sold by Murlin Varner to Verne Scott, $165,000.

710 E. Race St. sold by Nestor Chavez to Jennifer Oseguera, $75,000.

1835 E. Pomona Road sold by Alvin Radley to Taurino Arellano, $149,900.


20 N. Manuel Lane sold by David Eyles to Michael Harvey, $215,000.

109 N. Second Ave. sold by JDANCO LLC to Noe Vera, $112,000.

506 Melrose St.  sold by Jennifer Stewart to Ty Purdy, $130,000.

506 Fifth St. sold by Ada White Estate to Greg Pendergrass, $50,000.

509 Baker Drive sold by Reymundo Rivera to Anthony Rivera, $145,000.

1109 Maple Way sold by Jesse Orozco to Juan Sandoval, $139,000.

301 Eaker Road sold by Spencer Wilson to Monson LLC, $90,000.

980 Division Road sold by Vernon Storey to Connie Dean, $65,000.

1208 Second Ave.  sold by Scott Carmack to Rafael Guzman, $170,000.



Ivone Street/Northwest Crescent Avenue sold by First Polar LLC to Hugo Arcos, $29,000.

Countryview Court/Riverside sold by Jeff Krug to Norberto Bobadilla, $23,000.


Barrett Road/Ghormley Road sold by Daniel McLaughlin to David Lewis, $59,000.

South 66th Avenue/Woolsey Drive sold by Fairway Investments LLC to DH Construction and Assoc., $106,000.

Wooley Road/South 64th Avenue sold by Fairway Investments LLC to DH Construction & Assoc. LLC, $106,000.

704 N. 74th Ave. sold by Falcon Ridge Investments LLC to Hector Felix, $165,000.

7001 Modesto Way sold by Falcon Ridge Investments LLC to Edward Schrantz, $52,000.

Viewmont Place/Viewmont Drive sold by Curtiss Plath to Craig Taylor, $26,500.

8306 Westbrook Ave. sold by Jessica Hansen to Dennis Baker III, $41,500.

8208 Westbrook Ave. sold by Jessica Hansen to Ty Beaudry, $41,500.

Maple Avenue/Hillcrest Drive sold by Luis Escamilla to Araceli Mendoza, $72,000.

3903 Seasons Parkway sold by Aspen View Properties LLC to Jon Holwegner, $59,000.

902 Lafollette St. sold by Anastacio Castro to Maria Delaluz Barajas, $15,000.


8011 Vialago Parkway sold by Prairie to Douglas Lakman, $35,000.