Latest transfers recorded

Residentail transfers are in red, commercial in green. Hover or tap a property for details.

The following property transfers were recently processed by the Yakima County Assessor’s Office. Transfers are usually processed a month or two after ownership changes. The details listed below are exactly as received from Yakima County. For a map of recent transfers, visit

Order of information: Address, price, grantor (old owner), grantee (new owner), date processed.



3104 Englewood Ave; $215,000; Nelson, Chandler A; Chandler A Nelson, Rosalio Barragan Vazquez; 11/09/2020

802 S 57Th Ave; $393,000; Harrison Steven C & Marrilou; Gustavo Rodriguez & Maria Cortes; 11/09/2020

8103 Poplar View Way; $363,000; Malanca Rochelle; Cassandra & Jay Choi; 11/17/2020

1221 S 72Nd Ave; $219,000; Fernandez Alma Barajas; Alberto Cruz Castro, Yazmin S Peregrino; 11/19/2020

1404 S 1St Ave; $201,000; Bravo Rigoberto & Marisol; Isaah Mendoza, Martha Zambrano; 11/19/2020

5502 Boulder Way; $399,500; Bukowiec Joseph L & Melissa J; Richard S & Sarah E Simpson; 11/20/2020

480 N St Hilaire Rd; $252,500; Gomez Jr Fred; Ines Agapito Sanchez Lopez, Zeferina R Villa De Sanchez; 11/23/2020

906 S 51St Ave; $210,000; Germain Diana G; Troy & Jacqueline Howard; 11/25/2020

5010 Cayuse Ln; $579,000; Bloxham Ronnie L & Bonnie G; David M George, Roxana Valdivia; 11/29/2020

2303 S 80Th Ave; $315,000; Ermey Cheryl G; Lindsay Potter; 11/30/2020

616 Cornell Ave; $160,000; Luna Geovanny I; 3045 Escolar Llc; 11/30/2020

308 N 50Th Ave; $330,000; Crystal M Wade Who Acquired Title As Crystal M Woo; Casey Michael Welch; 12/01/2020

3105 Lila Ave; $300,000; Coleman Ronald Allen & Brianna; Jacod Martinez & Holly Parsley; 12/01/2020

1222 Landon Ave; $197,000; Berkley Carl Glen & Deborah Lynn; Fernanda V Michel Orozco; 12/03/2020

3410 Goodman Rd; $225,000; Schrader Lori R; Arthur P Jr & Tammera Leroue; 12/04/2020


3170 Yakima Valley Hwy; $295,000; Lopez Alvaro Marquez & Sheila Marie; Eduardo Mendoza Mendoza; 11/18/2020

1090 Hatton Rd; $213,000; Haley Gary D & Karen F; Thomas A Vandine; 12/01/2020

12308 Summitview Ext; $317,000; Brill Sealock Claudia M; Andrew White; 12/03/2020


170 Trepanier Ln; $58,850; Trepanier, Gary J; Patricia Arnt; 11/18/2020


811 Second Ave Unit 26; $20,000; Diaz, Juan D; Maria Ignacia Ramirez; 11/19/2020

533 Merclyn Ln; $389,000; Bower Skyler T & Suzanne T; Andrew Castilleja, Stephany Beernink; 12/04/2020


617 Monroe St; $197,600; Gomez Guadalupe & Rosario; Maria Miranda Torres; 11/23/2020


207 Blossom Dr; $260,000; Parsley Jacod Martinez & Holly; Casimiro B Pardo; 12/01/2020


9141 S Naches Rd; $226,500; Lounsbury Marion R & Claudia J; Dennis T & Shandra A Delquadri; 12/04/2020


213 E 6Th St; $190,000; Olivas Jr Ricardo; Adriana Rocio Garcia Suarez, Raymundo Fernandez Linos; 12/04/2020


907 Madison Ave; $250,000; Barajas Jose M & Reynalda; Javier Zavala Jr & Nicole M Zavala; 12/04/2020

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