Latest transfers recorded

Residentail transfers are in red, commercial in green. Hover or tap a property for details.

The following property transfers were recently processed by the Yakima County Assessor’s Office. Transfers are usually processed a month or two after ownership changes. The details listed below are exactly as received from Yakima County. For a map of recent transfers, visit

Order of information: Address, price, grantor (old owner), grantee (new owner), date processed.



302 E N St Unit 26; $5,000; Marin Martinez, Cristian; Pablo Soto; 11/03/2020

215 N 56Th Ave # 36; $170,000; Weeldreyer, Jodee; Credo Contracting Llc; 11/05/2020

7610 W Nob Hill Blvd Unit 192; $65,000; Gibbens, Phillip Emil; Lindy K Sheehan; 11/05/2020

410 N 61St Ave; $489,900; Jdt Investments Llc; Nicholas D & Sydney Jordan; 11/17/2020

16 N 37Th Ave; $250,000; Choi Jay & Cassandra R; Nicholas Cruz, Nicolas Cruz, Nicolas Cruz Jr; 11/18/2020

7806 Fremont Wy; $411,000; Rothwell Brendan Q; Andrea Corinne Shirley; 11/18/2020

916 S Pleasant Ave; $226,500; Sinclair Steve & Judy K; Kirstin L & John J Stein; 11/19/2020

9401 Apple Tree Parkway; $770,000; Apple Tree Construction Company Llc; Ty W Beaudry; 11/20/2020

2300 River Rd; $325,000; Tyler S Farmer Personal Representative Of The Esta; J Randall & Alicia M Beaulaurier; 11/20/2020

108 N 78Th Ave; $390,000; Johnson Lindsey Beddeson & Jaime; Jacob & Courtney D Hardy; 11/20/2020

6015 W Lincoln Ave; $320,000; Garza Enrique J & Raquel O; Helena Laubach & Clayton Relner; 11/20/2020

407 Del Marr Terrace; $321,000; Schmidt Barbara; Ramiro & Yasmine Marie Mendoza; 11/20/2020

Union Gap

2211 S 10Th Ave; $500; Nalewajek, John; John Nalewajek, Jorge & Gloria E Ponce; 11/03/2020


216 East E St Unit 1; $4,000; Ochoa, Maritza; Mayra Sanchez; 11/13/2020


1226 Old Naches Hwy; $250,000; Becker James Craig & Christina; Oscar B Robles; 11/19/2020


507 Hillcrest; $249,900; Mcintyre Dale L & Deborah C; Robert Campos; 11/19/2020


945 Cabin Ln; $241,000; Trevino Maria L Gonzales & Julian; Eriberto Balanos, Maria Gonzales; 11/20/2020

350 Sage Hill Dr; $406,500; Blankenship Corey C & Theresa C; Mark E & Mitzi A Bame; 11/20/2020


1407 Ashbrooks Way; $134,750; Trepanier Russell J Mazzola As Personal Rep Of Gar; Servicios Maria Licea Llc; 11/23/2020


10 Cowiche City Rd; $114,950; Estate Of Gary J Trepanier; Charles Enterprises Llc; 11/18/2020; Cmrcl Garage-Service

condo; $800,000; Solarity Credit Union; Wm Real Property Holdings Llc; 11/20/2020; Retail Store

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