Melvin Eugene Butler, Naches; Nicole Dawn Burns, Yakima.

Aaron Hernandez, Yakima; Elizabeth Mendoza Huerta, Yakima.

Martin Prado, Selah; Katy Lynn Forenpohar, Selah.

Jose Rios Perez, Selah; Norma Victoria Hernandez, Selah.

J. Elpidio Diaz Ortiz, Eastsound; Dalia Alvarez Arevalo, Eastsound.

Emanuel Perez, Union Gap; Kassandra Navil Mendoza, Union Gap.

Ajay Kumar Bagiarban, Fort Worth, Texas; Lucia Alberta Gamboa, Fort Worth, Texas.

Miguel Angel Arandas Jr., Wapato; Jessica Ortiz, Toppenish.

George David Anthony, Ellensburg; Kristina Marie Heath, Ellensburg.

Guadalupe Javier Aguilera Rivera, Tieton; Loyda Salazar Amado, Tieton.

Scott Christian Shively, Naches; Kayla Ann Dreher, Seattle.

Marco Antonio Zamora, Selah; Elidia Zapien Farias, Yakima.

Jamie Ray Cyr, Yakima; Amy Joanne-Adele Mathes, Yakima.

Alexis Ann Stimson, Prosser; Jose Porfirio Cienfuegos-Salinas, Prosser.

Pedro Ramirez, Yakima; Pilar Hernandez Pedroza, Yakima.

Jose Ubaldo Ramos, Yakima; Milagros Guadalupe Huizar Loredo, Yakima.

Graciel Crescencio Beltran, Selah; Anna June Hope Wilkinson, Yakima.

Joseph Nicholas Schmitt, Yakima; April Nicole Rodgers, Yakima.

Joseph Blake Mooney, Yakima; Aurora Rae Rocha, Yakima.

Miguel Angel Chavez Cortes, Banks, Ore.; Jaquelin Torres, Beaverton, Ore.

Dexter Ray Harris, Harrah; Larissa G. D. B. Shippentower, Toppenish.

Jovany Beltran Garrido, Yakima; Evelyn Ruiz, Yakima.

Trevor Mackenzie Savage, Selah; Bayley Mchenzy Gilmour, Selah.

Frank Joseph Rowland, Lynnwood; Allyssa Nicole Coburn, Lynnwood.

Ismael Ortiz Donato, Ellensburg; Karina Olmos Hernandez, Ellensburg.

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