Thomas L. and Sherry L. Ellingson, $3,500, 610 S. 24th Ave., residential alteration.

City of Yakima, $1,200, 712 N. 24th Ave., residential alteration.

Arnulfo Sanchez Benitez, $33,907, 723 S. Seventh St., residential addition.

JH Link Remodeling, $5,000, 704 S. Ninth Ave., residential re-roof.

Poston Architects, $220,108, 1216 S. First St., commercial addition.

Dave Crouch, $16,152, 2606 Summitview Ave., residential garage.

Enrique N. and Estreberta Duran, $70,000, 1611 S. 13th St., No. 1-2, residential duplex.

Leslie and Campbell Inc., $0, 2312 S. First St., commercial re-roof.

Stephens and Sons Construction Inc., $1,000, 201 N. Second Ave., commercial renovation.

BOR Architecture PLLC, $5,000, 303 E. D St., commercial renovation.

DH Construction and Associates LLC, $25,504, 1430 S. Third Ave., commercial new.

Neal Holden, $2,500, 605 N. 52nd Ave., residential alteration.

DMF Investments Inc., $273,490, 2903 Willow St., No. 1-2, residential duplex.

Leon Loza, $4,000, 108 N. Ninth St., residential re-roof.

Maria Alvarado, $5,600, 1209 S. 14th Ave., residential re-roof.

David and Janet Roberts, $5,330, 310 Viewmont Drive, residential alteration.

Leslie and Campbell Inc., $0, 201 E. Yakima Ave., commercial re-roof.

Systems West Construction Group LLC, $75,136, 3303 W. Washington Ave., commercial addition.

Continuous Gutter and Roofing Co. Inc., $1,860, 2606 River Road, residential re-roof.

Ronald J. and Beverly Pfieffer, $6,244, 4102 W. Viola Ave., residential garage.

Lynch Construction, $10,000, 4201 Summitview Ave., residential re-roof.

Hector Fernandez, $1,200, 705 S. Seventh St., residential alteration.

Ronald R. and Paula J. Walker, $2,000, 200 S. 86th Place, residential alteration.