Joe Kelly Construction, $4,000, 916 S. 22nd Ave., residential alteration.

JV1 Construction, $2,000, 511 N. First St., commercial tenant improvement.

AR Construction, $13,117, 609 S. 54th Ave., residential addition.

Jason Dills, $45,000, 223 S. 15th Ave., residential alteration.

Johnny Manuel Vargas, $2,000, 2610 River Road, residential alteration.

Miguel and Angelina Hernandez, $100, 807 W. Nob Hill Blvd., commercial renovation.

Hohmann Works LLC, $16,000, 408 S. 32nd Ave., residential re-roof.

MG Wagner Co. Inc., $7,664, 1601 Summitview Ave., commercial re-roof.

Maria Azuncena Sanchez, $5,500, 912 S. Fourth Ave., residential alteration.

Brett Campbell, $65,960, 1505 E. Mead Ave., commercial re-roof.

Upscale Construction LLC, $5,000, 714 N. 28th Ave., residential re-roof.

Noel Corp, $1,000, 1010 S. Third Ave., commercial tenant improvement.

Jose M. and Reynalda Barajas, $2,500, 1604 S. Voelker Ave., residential re-roof.

Patrick L. and Kirsten R. Fitterer, $3,000, 1115 S. 45th Ave., residential alteration.

509 Art Construction LLC, $6,500, 1403 W. Chestnut Ave., residential re-roof.

Central Guaranteed Roofing, $0, 115 N. 25th Ave., residential re-roof.

A-1 Construction of Yakima Inc., $29,538, 7301 Lincoln Estates, residential re-roof.

Integrity Construction, $5,000, 1406 S. 11th Ave., residential re-roof.

Yakima Valley Rentals LLC, $400, 1416 S. First St., commercial renovation.

Isaias and Antonia Mendoza, $4,000, 510 S. Second St., residential alteration.

Upper Columbia Corp. of SDA, $3,200, 911 Walker St., residential demolition.

Tekchand Tanwani, $0, 7 N. 78th Ave., residential re-roof.

Vast Homes Construction LLC, $5,000, 209 S. Fourth St., residential re-roof.

Alfa Construction, $50,000, 602 S. Seventh Ave., residential alteration.

G & H Roofing Inc., $0, 2903 Lila Ave., residential re-roof.

ABC Seamless Siding/Cutter Inc., $14,068, 1321 S. Fourth Ave., residential alteration.

Rainier Plastics Co. Inc., $6,743, 1101 Ledwich Ave., commercial new.

Superior Roofing LLC, $5,000, 114 N. 94th Place, residential re-roof.

Jeffrey D. and Rosie R. Odman, $9,000, 610 S. 23rd Ave., residential re-roof.

Lacy Roofing Inc., $29,000, 1214 N. 20th Ave., residential re-roof.

Erika M. Raglin, $22,000, 7402 Spokane St., swimming pool.

Heether Construction LLC, $0, 7406 Alpine Way, residential re-roof.

Yakima Valley Partners/Habitat for Humanity, $134,883, 509 E. R St., residential new.

Mark Helms Construction, $360,764, 7902 Vista Parkway, residential new.