Finances, crime prevention, roads and economic development.

The list goes on. But this much is clear: Whoever is elected to the Yakima City Council in November, along with the four members not on the ballot this year, will confront a range of issues that will affect the city for years to come.

And the decisions will be made by a council in which the overwhelming majority will either be newly elected or have little more than two years of council experience.

Council members Bill Lover and Maureen Adkison aren’t seeking re-election and Avina Gutierrez did not make it past the August primary. That assures three new members. Three incumbents not up for election this year came on the council in the landmark 2015 election after a federal judge ruled the city’s old election process was unfair to Latinos. That leaves Kathy Coffey the most veteran member with 10 years on the council.

Here are a few issues they will confront and that voters should be watching:


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