Yakima City Council hopefuls swell to 25 as filing ends

YAKIMA, Wash. - More than 40 candidates filed for city council, school board and other elected positions across the Yakima Valley on Friday, the last day in which to do so.

The race for Yakima City Council grew to 25 candidates after seven more people filed for five of the seven open positions. Yakima is now virtually assured to elect at least one Latino to the council, which has never happened before.

All three candidates who filed for District 1 - Llosimar Garcia, Dulce Gutierrez and Russell Monteiro - are Latino.

Among those filing Friday for Yakima City Council were: In District 2, Edgar Moreno became the fourth candidate to declare. He'll face Maud Scott, Pablo Gonzalez and Avina Gutierrez.

Nicholas Kline and Justin Cawley became the fourth and fifth candidates to file for District 3 Friday. They'll face Carmen Mendez, Kelly Rosenow and Patricia Byers.

In District 4, Tony Williams filed late Friday to become the fourth candidate seeking that office. He'll face Councilman Bill Lover, Tony Sandoval and Larry Breer.

Also filing Friday were Gordon Heintzman, Sr., and Philip Allard in District 5. They'll face Reed Pell and Councilwoman Kathy Coffey.

In District 6, Gavin Keefe filed to challenge Councilwoman Maureen Adkison and Adam Yoest.

A number of positions attracted no filings, including all five open commissioner slots for the Naches Parks and Recreation District.

A special three-day filing period will be set by the Yakima County auditor for candidates to file for those unfilled openings.

The following is a list of all candidates that filed this week. Bold denotes candidate filed on Friday.

Yakima City Council

Position 1: Llosimar Garcia; Dulce Gutierrez; Russell A. Monteiro

Position 2: Maud Scott; Pablo Gonzalez; Avina Cristal Gutiérrez; Edgar Moreno

Position 3: Carmen Méndez; Kelly M. Rosenow; Patricia Byers; Nicholas A. Kline; Justin Cawley

Position 4: Tony Sandoval; Lawrence "Larry" Breer; Bill Lover; Tony Williams

Position 5: Kathy Coffey; Reed C. Pell; Gordon J. Heintzman Sr.; Phillip Allard

Position 6: Maureen Adkison; Adam Yoest; Gavin D. Keefe

Position 7: Holly N. Cousens; Gunnar Berg

City Council

Mayor: Norm Childress; Joan E. Souders

Position 4: No candidate filed

Position 5: Bill Moore

Position 6: Dennis K. McDonald

Position 7: Mike Everett

Granger City Council

Mayor: Jose A. Trevino; Charles E. Wheaton; Gary Anderson; Bill Sharp

Position 4: Juan Isiordia

Position 5: Maria Gonzalez

Harrah Town Council

Mayor: Barbara Harrer

Position 3: No candidate filed

Position 4: Avelina Garcia

Position 5: Kathryn Henry

Mabton City Council

Position 4: No candidate filed

Position 5: Arturo De La Fuente

Moxee City Council

Mayor: Greg La Bree

Position 3: Maravell A. Gonsioroski

Position 4: Tom L. Hattrup

Position 5: Lawrence Frank

Naches Town Council

Mayor: Paul D. Williams; Kit M'Lou Hawver

Position 4: Robert Weekes

Position 5: No candidate filed

Selah City Council

Mayor: John J. Hawlik; Sherry L. Raymond

Position 1: Laura Ritchie; Christina Morehead

Position 4: John H. Tierney

Position 5: Shirley Johnson-Hoy; Roger Bell

Position 6: Diane L. Underwood

Position 7: Jane Williams; Russell E. Carlson

City Council

Position 5: Julia Hart

Position 6: James A. Restucci

Position 7: Craig A. Hicks; Victor Ochoa

Tieton City Council

Mayor: Dewane Ashbrooks; Stanley Ray Hall

Position 4: Matthew E. Johnson; Lisa Munoz

Position 5: Jacqueline Williams; Felisa C. Cox

City Council

Position 5: Randy Taylor; Angelica Cisneros

Position 6: J. Eligio Jiménez

Position 7: Gabriel Piñon; Zachary S. Dorr (withdrew on Friday)

Union Gap
City Council

Position 4: Jim Lemon; David D. Butler; Lorena Fernandez

Position 5: Dave Matson; John Hodkinson Jr.

Position 6: James Murr; Julie Schilling; Eddie Perez

Wapato City Council

Mayor: Jesse Farias

Position 3: No candidate filed

Position 4: Frank Raul Jaime

Position 5: Tony Guzmán

Position 6: Roberto S. Reyna

Position 7 at-large:

Zillah City Council

Position 3: Douglas S. Stewart

Position 4: Jancie Gonzales

Position 5: No candidate filed

Union Gap
School District

District 1: Louise A. Sisk; Dan Olson

District 2: Dianna Grunlose

Position 2 at-large: Carrie Greenough; Maria Rosas

Naches Valley
School District

District 1: Dave Kearby

District 3: Chad Christopherson

District 4: Mary Rennie; Patti Hyatt; George D. Pickard

District 5: Todd Huck

School District

Position 1: Graciela P. Villanueva

Position 3: John Vornbrock

Position 4: Raymond Navarro Jr.

Position 5: Martha J. Rice

East Valley 
School District

District 1: Westcott Edwards; Matthew Byers

District 2: Charlotte Layman

District 3: Adam McCracken

District 4: David McFadden

District 5: Eric Farmer

School District

District 1: Antonio Ernesto Sanchez

Director 2: Dale H. Burgeson

District 3: Elizabeth Alba

District 4: Jessica Hansen

Selah School District

District 3: Jeff Hartwick

District 4: Kathy Lamberg

District 5: Jamie Morford

School District

District 1: No candidate filed

District 2: Natalie Palomarez

District 3: Elsa Sanchez

Position 2 At-Large: Natalie Palomarez

Sunnyside School District

District 1: Rocky J. Simmons

District 4: Sandra Linda

District 5: Dylan Gardner

Toppenish School District

District 1: Rick Schutz

District 4: Gonzalo Macias

District 5: Sherri York; Maryrose M. Gonzalez

Highland School District

District 1: Lupita Florez

District 3: Matthew Barker

Position 2 At Large: Chris Garent

Granger School District

District 2: David Reddout

District 3: Paul Golob

District 4: Ron L. Fleming

Zillah School District

District 3: Sandra Adams

District 4: Jeff Brady

Wapato School District

District 3: Maira Antonia Erickson

District 4: Rebecca (Becky) F. Cordova; Alan B. Taylor

District 5: John M. Francisco

West Valley
School District

District 1: Michael (Mike) A. Meyer

District 4: Christine Brewer

District 5: Dave Jaeger; James M. Roberts

Mount Adams
School District

District 1: Larry J. Garcia

District 2: Todd Spencer

Fire Protection District No. 1

Position 3: John H. Kobli

Fire Protection District No. 2

Position 3: Rex G. Reed

Fire Protection District No. 3

Position 1: No candidate filed

Position 2: No candidate filed

Position 3: No candidate filed

Fire Protection District No. 4

Position 3: Joseph Gendron

Fire Protection District No. 5

Position 1: Erneset William Gasseling

Position 2: Todd Lunning

Fire Protection District No. 6

Position 3: George Allen

Fire Protection District No. 7

Position 3: No candidate filed

Fire Protection District No. 9

Position 3: Andrew Evans

Fire Protection District No. 10

Position 2: No candidate filed

Position 3: No candidate filed

Fire Protection District No. 11

Position 3: No candidate filed

Fire Protection District No. 12

Position 3: No candidate filed

Fire Protection District No. 14

Position 3: Ron Erickson

Port of Grandview


District 2: Jim Sewell; Dawn L. Meyer

Port of Sunnyside

District 3: Jim Grubenhoff

Sewer District

Position 3: Jenny M. Korens

Terrace Heights Sewer District

Position 3: Robert Linker

Naches Park and Recreation District

District 1: No candidate filed

District 2: No candidate filed

District 3: No candidate filed

District 4: No candidate filed

District 5: No candidate filed

Prosser Public Hospital District

Position 3: Kit Watson; Robert Blahut

Prosser City Council

Mayor: Randy Taylor

Position 3: Rob Siemens

Position 4: Bob Elder

Position 5: Mary Ruth Edwards

Position 6: Steven W. Becken

School District

District 1: Peggy Douglas; Patty Johnson

District 2: Andy Howe

District 4: Warren Barmore

District 5: Bruce Matsumura