YAKIMA, Wash. — Yakima businesswoman Liz Hallock announced her intent to seek a spot on the Yakima City Council.

“I am honored to announce my candidacy for city councilor for the city of Yakima,” Hallock said in a Friday news release. “As a resident and business owner in Yakima I will work for what is best for us, here. As an attorney and open government advocate, I will be sure that our government is running well and for the people it represents.”

Hallock, whose Sweet Relief marijuana retail store is medically endorsed by the state, plans to run for the City Council seat in the city’s 5th District — the spot held by Mayor Kathy Coffey.

In 2018, Hallock and Coffey unsuccessfully campaigned for different positions in the state House of Representatives’ 14th Legislative District.

Filing for local office takes place May 13-17. Yakima Council seats held by Coffey, Dulce Gutierrez, Carmen Mendez and Holly Cousens are up for election this year. The primary is Aug. 6 with the general election on Nov. 5.

Hallock said she would place a high priority on community safety, economic development and prosperity, a restoration of trust with low-income residents, smart government and street completion.


Hallock, a 2002 graduate of Princeton University, said she hopes her ideas for improvements will bolster the city’s overall quality of life.

Hallock has a celebration of her announcement planned for 5:30 p.m. Feb. 5 at Mercedes Family Restaurant, 2201 W. Lincoln Ave. Her website is http://lizforyakima.com.

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