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It will be a busy summer of campaigning for local office, especially in Yakima and Wapato, where multiple candidates and races will appear on the Aug. 6 primary ballot.

Mail-in voting will begin in late July for the primary. The general election is Nov. 5.

Here’s a listing of candidates for city and school board seats, which are nonpartisan. Races with three or more candidates will appear on the primary ballot, with the top two advancing to the general election.

13th District State House

  • Alex Ybarra, a Republican from Quincy who was appointed to the seat in January, will run against Steve Verhey of Ellensburg, a Democrat.


  • Mayor: Gloria Mendoza (i)
  • Council 3: Diana Jennings (i)
  • Council 4: Gaylord Brewer (i) and Joseph Jensen
  • Council 5: Bill Moore (i)
  • Council 6: David Diaz (i)
  • Council 7: Mike Everett (i)


  • Mayor: Jose Trevino (i) and Julie Sharp
  • Council 4: Juan Isiordia (i)
  • Council 5: Maria D. Gonzalez (i), Hilda Guzman and Israel Bustamante Luevano


  • Mayor: Barbara Harrer (i)
  • Council 1 and 3: No filings
  • Council 4: Avelina Garcia (i)
  • Council 5: Kathryn Henry (i)


  • Council 3: Mark Gourneau (i)
  • Council 4: Vera Zavala (i)
  • Council 5: Arturo De La Fuente (i)


  • Mayor: Gregory Lloyd LaBree (i)
  • Council 3: Maravell Gonsioroski (i) and David Mullen
  • Council 4: David Roy
  • Council 5: Larry Frank (i)


  • Mayor: Paul D. Williams (i)
  • Council 2: No filings
  • Council 4: Robert Weekes (i)
  • Council 5: Suzi Williams (i)


  • Mayor: Sherry Raymond (i)
  • Council 1: Kevin Wickenhagen (i)
  • Council 3: Jeremy Burke (i)
  • Council 4: Buffy Ibach and Clifford Peterson
  • Council 5: Roger Bell (i) and Ellen Overby
  • Council 6: Dave Kearby
  • Council 7: Crispin Garza and Russell Carlson (i)


  • Council 5: Julia Hart (i), Mike Farmer and Silvia Ramos
  • Council 6: James "Jim" Restucci (i)
  • Council 7: Mike Kennard, Betty Lynn Garza and Craig Hicks (i)


  • Mayor: Kenneth Mannin and Dewane Ashbrooks (i)
  • Council 4: Amy Oberrender (i)
  • Council 5: Jacqueline Williams (i)


  • Council 5: George Garcia
  • Council 6: Randy Taylor and Naila Prieto-Duval
  • Council 7: Loren O. Belton (i)

Union Gap

  • Council 4: Jack Galloway
  • Council 5: David Hansen and David Matson (i)
  • Council 6: Julie Schilling (i)


  • Mayor: Dora Alvarez-Roa (i), Joseph "JC" Wofford, Keith Workman, Brinda Quintanilla-Bautista, Gina R. Ramos and Leah Smartlowit
  • Council 1: Chuck Stephens (i) and Timothy James Roa
  • Council 2: Joel Torres (i), Jesse Farias and Edwin Andrade
  • Council 4: Doug Milne, Frank Jaime, Marla Foresca Hernandez, Barbie “Barbara” Hilario (i) and Margaret Estrada
  • Council 5: Frances M. Ayres, Tony Guzman, Irasema Gonzalez Cantu (i), Roberta Reyna and Cindy Goodwin
  • Council 6: Judith Owens-Canapo, Danae Pugh and Rosemary “Rosie” Reyes
  • Council 7: Caroline Solis, George Perea and Karina M. Lara


  • Council 1: Kenton Gartrell, Matthew Sagen and Eliana Macias
  • Council 3: Patricia Byers, Thomas Sund and Berenice Ponce
  • Council 5: Liz Hallock, Soneya Lund and Mark Collins
  • Council 7: Holly Cousens (i), Sarah Towell and Tracey Bautista


  • Council 3: Douglas Stewart (i)
  • Council 4: Janice Gonzales (i)
  • Council 5: Beth Husted (i)

School districts

Most school board seats in the county are unopposed. Here are some races of note.

Yakima School District

  • Position 3: Norm Walker
  • Position 4: Raymond Navarro Jr. (i)
  • Position 5: Martha Rice (i) and Earl Lee

Selah School District

  • Position 1: Sarah Michael (i)
  • Position 3: Jeff Hartwick (i)
  • Position 2 at large: Dan Peters and AJ Cooper

Mount Adams School District

  • Position 1: Larry J. Garcia (i)
  • Position 2: Joseph Larez, Shawna Young and Todd Spencer (i)

    Editor's note: An earlier version of this story misspelled Yakima Council candidate Patricia Byers' last name.