Candidate Details: Amanda McKinney

Yakima County Commission Position 1 candidate Amanda McKinney Wednesday, July 8, 2020, in Yakima, Wash. 

Amanda McKinney

Age: 42

Community of residence: Yakima

Occupation: Mortgage banker

Education: Double bachelors, pre-law and political science from Central Washington University. Licensed mortgage broker.

Community service: Yakima Valley Greenway Jr. Gap 2 Gap race director; United Way co-chair annual campaign 2016-17; former YMCA board member; Co-chair of Habitat for Humanity/St. Paul Cathedral Home Build program; St. Paul Cathedral School/CTCS School Board President; financial services volunteer for Yakima County Women’s Prison Reentry Program, Yakima County 2040 facilities planning task force; Yakima Diocese Catholic Education Task Force member.

Previous elected office: None

Candidate Details: Vicki Baker

Yakima County Commissioner Vicki Baker

Vicki Baker

Age: 54

Community of residence: Yakima

Occupation: Yakima County Commissioner; co-owner of Grocery Outlet

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Oregon State University

Community service: Currently or formerly served on the following boards: Board of Health; Habitat for Humanity; Riverside Christian School; SAFE Yakima Valley; Yakima County Board of Equalization; Washington Food Industry; National Federation of Independent Business Leadership Council; Southwest Rotary; Washington Policy Center; West Side Church PEO; hosted fundraisers for Yakima charities, and provided sponsorships of sports teams, schools, and community groups.

Previous elected office: Republican Precinct Committee Officer.

Endorsements: Yakima County Farm Bureau.

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