John Campbell Elementary School’s sign bears the inscription “Get the levy facts @ selahschools.org” Monday, Feb. 1, 2021, in Selah, Wash.

A Selah School District levy request continues to fall short of passing.

The district’s levy had 47.26% approval as of Friday, up slightly from 47.09% on Wednesday as more mail-in votes were counted. The vote was 2,104 yes and 2,348 no. Turnout in the special election was 33.4%.

School operations levies require a simple majority to pass, or 50% plus one.

Selah School District is still deciding the best approach for moving forward, Superintendent Shane Backlund said of the levy measure.

“We know we want to run it again, but we want a little time to regroup, find out more why it failed and decide on next steps,” he said.

He said he expects to discuss the levy in a Feb. 25 meeting with the school board.

Levies in the East Valley and Granger school districts are passing. All three measures were renewals of existing local school operation levies.

Operations levies used to be called maintenance and operations levies. They’re used to fund programs beyond basic education, such as athletics, art and music, technology instruction and special education. Each district said ahead of the election that essential enrichment programs would be cut or reduced without the fund renewal.

In Selah, the local funds matched with state funds would have accounted for 12% of the school’s budget for two years, beginning in 2022.