From left: Tyler Starr, 13, Shadow Starr, 11, and Mauricio Luton, 8, play on a snow hill near E. Staff Sgt. Pendleton Way in downtown Yakima, Wash. on Monday, Feb. 11, 2019.

School districts that have canceled classes because of winter storms this week may not have to make them up, according to state Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Rykdal.

Schools that have canceled classes during the governor’s state of emergency may apply to waive the requirement that students make up those missed days, according to a news release from Rykdal’s office. Gov. Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency because of severe weather starting Feb. 8 and it’s expected to remain in effect until Feb. 15.

Rykdal notes the waivers are contingent on the school still meeting the required number of hours of classroom instruction, but in the release he said most districts have enough extra time built into schedules to accomplish this.

The waivers likely won’t happen right away.

“We do not expect districts to apply for waivers until we are completely through the winter season, and all of the unforeseen weather impacts are behind us,” he said.

All Yakima Valley school districts canceled classes Tuesday, and many were off Monday because of the storms.