East Valley High School.

YAKIMA, Wash. — The East Valley School District is investigating an incident last week in which a high school teacher wrote a racial slur on a white board.

In a four-second video posted to Twitter, a teacher is seen writing on a white board. The Spanish word for black — negro — is written above the N-word on the board during a Spanish class.

Superintendent John Schieche said he was first made aware of the incident after a staff member called him late Saturday to let him know that the video clip was circulating online.

“At that point, I started looking into it,” he said Monday.

Schieche said he did not yet have the context in which the word was written, but high school Principal Kayla Crowe launched an investigation into the incident Monday morning. He said Crowe was interviewing the teacher and several students before “appropriate actions with the staff member” would be taken.

“I think the posting of the word and the use of the word in a class is totally inappropriate and I don’t condone that in any way shape or form,” Schieche added.

Schieche said he was meeting Monday evening with Crowe to discuss the investigation and would have more details Tuesday.

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