Yakima School District board member Donald Davis Jr. was removed from his role as board vice president Monday in response to complaints this school year.

Board president Raymond Navarro said during the board meeting that Davis had violated board policies on two separate occasions.

In late October, Davis addressed “an incident that came to his attention involving a Stanton student,” practicing individual control over the school system that is disallowed in the board code of conduct, Navarro said. He did not elaborate on the circumstances, but said that Davis was banned from Stanton Academy for five years.

“The reason for the five years is that we believe the interaction that he had with a student or two there was inappropriate, and five years would give that student enough time to complete his education at Stanton Academy and he wouldn’t have to be uncomfortable, or whatever that situation created for him or her,” Navarro said.

In April, Davis then violated a conflict of interest policy by promoting in letters and individual meetings with administrative district staff a community event organized by a group he identified himself as representing.

In response to these incidents, Navarro said board members discussed the breaches of policy with Davis several times. Davis denied the allegations, Navarro said.

On May 13, the board met in an executive session to discuss Davis’ alleged breach of policy before opening the session to propose his public censure, removal from his board leadership role and banning him from the Stanton campus. Davis did not attend the May session but was notified of the proposals in the following days, Navarro said.

On Monday, the board voted to approve the proposed actions. Davis was absent from the meeting, and the board unanimously approved the decisions.

Board member Graciela Villanueva was chosen as the new board vice president in a 4-0 vote. The term will expire in November.

Contacted later, Davis declined to comment, while Navarro could not be reached for further comment.

Davis was appointed to the board in 2016 to fill the vacancy when Walt Ranta resigned. He was elected to a four-year term in 2017.

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