YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima police say a custody dispute led to a Monday night gunpoint abduction of a 17-month-old boy.

Authorities accuse Manuel Carrasco Mendoza, 23, of breaking down the back door of an apartment in the 800 block of Central Avenue and taking his nephew away at gunpoint late Monday night. Mendoza was arrested around 5:45 a.m. Tuesday in the area of Lincoln and Clark avenues; no other details on his arrest were immediately available.

A short time later the child and his mother were found by police. The child was unhurt, police said.

Capt. Jeff Schneider with the Yakima Police Department said the child’s 24-year-old mother, who was initially listed in an Amber Alert as a suspect, was interviewed regarding the incident, but he was unsure if she would face charges.

She is the sister of Mendoza, who is expected to face kidnapping and other unspecified charges, Schneider said.

The kidnapping stems from a custody dispute between the child’s mother and father, Schneider said.

It not known whether the suspect took it upon himself to get involved or was persuaded to get involved by someone else, Schneider said.

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