Police investigate after two men were shot and injured Oct. 31 in an alley near the 900 block of West Spruce Street in Yakima.

Yakima police arrested a 20-year-old woman they say was the driver in a Halloween drive-by shooting that left two men injured.

Ruben Marin, 18, and Jeremiah A. Ledesma-Morales, 21, were walking with a woman in the alley in the 900 block between West Walnut and Spruce streets around 4:35 p.m. when the men were shot in the torso, according to a probable-cause affidavit. A witness told police she started running when she heard the shots and then saw the men were lying on the ground, the affidavit said.

Witnesses reported that the shooter got into a white car, which was seen speeding off northbound, driven by a woman, the affidavit said.

Police were able to identify the car’s owner, who initially told detectives she was driving to work when she heard the shooting but did not know anything about it, the affidavit said. Under further questioning, she said a stranger jumped in her car during the shooting, and got out a short distance later, the affidavit said.


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She then said that the person who got in her car was her ex-boyfriend, the affidavit said, but the ex-boyfriend was able to provide evidence that he was in Sunnyside at the time of the shooting, the affidavit said.

The woman was booked into the Yakima County jail on suspicion of first-degree assault, drive-by shooting and malicious prosecution. Yakima County Superior Court Judge Richard Bartheld set bail at $75,000 during a preliminary hearing Wednesday.

Yakima police classified the shooting as gang-related. The victims told police that they were not affiliated with gangs, the affidavit said.

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