The FBI has released its Uniform Crime Report, which totals crimes known to law enforcement. Type in a city in Washington below to see its crime rates in 2015, and how those rates compare to other cities in the state.

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Crime Incidents in 2015 Rate per 100,000 Rank
Violent Crime {{ | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.vcPC | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.vcRank}}
Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter {{selectedCity.murder | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.murderPC | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.murderRank}}
Rape(1) {{selectedCity.rape | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.rapePC | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.rapeRank}}
Rape(2) {{selectedCity.rapetwo | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.rapetwoPC | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.rapetwoRank}}
Robbery {{selectedCity.robbery | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.robberPC | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.robberyRank}}
Aggravated Assault {{selectedCity.agassault | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.agassaultPC | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.agassaultRank}}
Property Crime {{selectedCity.pc | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.pcPC | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.pcRank}}
Burglary {{selectedCity.burglary | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.burglaryPC | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.burglaryRank}}
Larceny-theft {{selectedCity.larceny | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.larcenyPC | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.larcenyRank}}
Motor Vehicle Theft {{selectedCity.mvtheft | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.mvtheftPC | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.mvtheftRank}}
Arson {{selectedCity.arson | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.arsonPC | number: 0}} {{selectedCity.arsonRank}}

- Data from FBI UCR Report for 2015. State ranking per capita. The lower the rank, the higer the crime rate.

Rape(1): The figures shown in this column for the offense of rape were reported using the revised Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) definition of rape.

Rape(2): The figures shown in this column for the offense of rape were reported using the legacy UCR definition of rape.

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